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Aldi Organic Bean Pasta - Black Bean

‘Great product for multiple allergies, really nice taste. Good chewy texture, slightly crunchy, impressive ingredients, good colour. Very good that it has such a high protein and fibre content.'





Tesco Wicked Kitchen Spinach & Wild Garlic Ravioli

‘Commendable that this product is both GF and vegan. Generous ravioli pieces with plenty of filling. Taste is sensational – spinach and garlic come through. Very authentic – a real treat!’


FreeFrom Italy Maidea Paccheri Pasta

'Good for multiple allergies. Very excited about the unique big tube shape – really useful, lots of potential! Nice colour. Good flavour. Highly innovative – this type of pasta doesn’t exist on the market, so with some work it could do well.'

Tesco Free From Macaroni Pasta

'Good mild but slightly nutty taste. Nice appearance, smell, good bite, nice flavour. Useful product. Good size and shape. Not too small like some. Commendable it is gluten-free, wheat-free, milk-free and egg-free, and vegan. This macaroni is delicious, even without sauce! Haven’t seen many FF macaroni on the market, so this is a plus.'


Aldi Organic Bean Pasta - Mung Bean Fettucine

'Like the texture, kind of chewy. Quick cooking time is a bonus. Looks a bit like seaweed. Great protein and fibre content. Very clean label. Interesting crinkled shape and colour. Creamy. I like it but not like traditional pasta texture.'

Dell'Ugo Porcini Mushroom & Spinach Ravioli

'Pleasant flavour and texture, but lower mark because not freefrom. Love that they have named the mushroom variety. Sounds more luxurious. Looks pleasant, nice aroma, delicious flavour and texture, added vitamins, shame about the may contains - needs work!'

Marks & Spencer Made Without Gluten, Wheat & Egg Lasagne

'Wouldn't know it was gluten-free. Nice texture, holds together. Slightly chewy, sweet flavour, good ingredients. High-ish protein. Clean label, good golden colour considering no egg. Very nice taste. Excellent colour, looks succulent and promising.'

Special Awards:

  1. Virtual Presentation – Sponsored by FREEE by Doves Farm
  2. FreeFrom Hero Awards – Sponsored by Nairn's Oatcakes
  3. Retailer of the Year – Sponsored by Oakland International

Individual Categories:

  1. Innovation Award – Sponsored by Food Matters Live
  2. No Top 14 – Sponsored by the Anaphylaxis Campaign
  3. Best product from a start-up – Sponsored by Tesco
  4. FreeFrom Artisan Foods – Sponsored by Synergis Marketing 
  5. FreeFrom Sinful Foods – Sponsored by OF+ Consulting
  6. Breakfast Foods – Sponsored by Warburtons Glutenfree 
  7. Milk Product Alternatives – Sponsored by the Allergy & Free From Show
  8. Breads – Sponsored by Juvela
  9. Store Cupboard – Sponsored by Big Oz
  10. Pasta & Pizza – Sponsored by SYNLAB
  11. Snack Bars – cereal, fruit, superfood, grain-free etc – Sponsored by Romer Labs
  12. Savoury Snacks and Crackers – Sponsored by FreeFrom Food Expo
  13. Drinks – 'Shot Of Class', Gluten-Free Beer, 'Mixing It Up' – Sponsored by Asda
  14. Meaty & Fishy Ready Meals – Sponsored by Delamere Dairy 
  15. Vegan Snacks & Meal Ideas – Sponsored by Jane Milton Ltd
  16. Foods Designed for Children – Sponsored by Genius Gluten Free
  17. Tea Time! Sponsored by the FreeFrom Food Awards Ireland
  18. Desserts & Puddings – Sponsored by Action Against Allergy
  19. Confectionery & Chocolate – Sponsored by Wellaby's
  20. FreeFrom Gifts – Sponsored by the FreeFrom Skincare Awards


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