Meaty and Fishy Ready Meals – Sponsored by Allergy + FreeFrom Show

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Tesco fish cakes

Aldi Free From Gluten Free Tempura Cod Goujons

‘Love  the shape of these – so different to normal goujons and would be perfect in a buffet. Light, fluffy and delicious batter and lovely fish.'


Tesco fish cakes

Chef Akila Ltd Mum's Chicken Biriyani

'Excellent biriyani – rice perfectly cooked – lovely combination of spices – perfect naturally freefrom dish.'


Tesco Finest 12 Toulouse Inspired Pork Mini Sausages

'Very cute! Lovely for an occasion - and really good flavour – delicious.'

Tesco Free From Katsu Chicken Curry

'Lovely flavour – well balanced. Chicken is crispy, rice had 'bite', well flavoured sauce – really nice dish.'

Tesco Free From Beef Lasagne

'Great to have a gluten and milk free lasagne - really fills a need. The lentils give it an interesting texture – plenty of flavour.'


Go Go Guts Sweet and Sour Chicken with Prawn Toast

'Excellent to have a complete dinner with challenging ingredients. Prawn toasts really good and the chicken ball is nicely crisp. Well done!'

Tesco Free From 2 Breaded Cod Fillets

'Great crunch on flavoursome crispy coating. Lovely pieces of fish – excellent price.'

Special Awards:

  1. The Innovation Award – Sponsored by Food Matters Live
  2. Retailer of the Year Award – Sponsored by Oakland International
  3. Freefrom Hero – Sponsored by Lucy Bee

Individual Categories:

  1. Breakfast – Sponsored by the London Brunch Fest 
  2. Milk Product Alternatives – Sponsored by House
  3. Bread – Sponsored by Ilumi 
  4. Store cupboard – Sponsored by Orgran
  5. Pasta and Pizza – Sponsored by FREEE by Doves Farm
  6. Superfoods & sport supplements – Sponsored by Tiana Fair Trade Organics
  7. Products made with FODMAP Friendly ingredients – Sponsored by FODMAP Friendly
  8. ‘Food to go’ – Sponsored by the Nairn's Oatcakes
  9. Down the Pub – Sponsored by Asda
  10. Savoury Snacks and Crackers – Sponsored by SYNLAB
  11. Meaty & Fishy Ready Meals – Sponsored by the Allergy + FreeFrom Show
  12. Veggie Ready Meals – Sponsored by Delamere Dairy 
  13. Foods designed for children – Sponsored by Genius Gluten Free
  14. Tea Time! – Sponsored by the Anaphylaxis Campaign 
  15. Desserts and Puddings – Sponsored by Synergis Marketing 
  16. Confectionery and chocolate – Sponsored by Wellaby's
  17. Bars – cereal, fruit, superfood, grain-free etc – Sponsored by Romer Labs
  18. FreeFrom Gifts – Sponsored by Tesco
  19. No Top 14 – Sponsored by the The Food Talk Show
  20. Best product from a start-up – Sponsored by OF+ Consulting
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