Winners of the 2017 awards

Presented by Antony Worrall Thompson on 28th March 2017 at the Royal College of Physicians in London

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The Innovation Award – Sponsored by Food Matters Live




BFree Sweet Potato Wraps

‘I would  normally expect a wrap to be bland but this  adds a really interest and flavour of its own.  Beautifully pliable, great colour – and so freefrom! Brilliant for lunch boxes.’


Booja-Booja Caramel Pecan Praline Dairy Free Ice Cream

'Nice, clever product – great ingredients.' 'Gorgeous flavour – l love the fact that it does NOT have dairy, soya or eggs – brilliant.'

Evexia Thrive Spinach and Ricotta Tortelloni

'Genius innovative product – fills a gap in the fresh freefrom pasta market.' 'Much more spinach than l expected; lovely – stands up very well to main stream equivalent.'

Fori Piri Piri Chicken Bar

'Really innovative  snack product – brilliant for long journeys. Perfect for anyone on a low carb diet – a spicy chicken ready to eat bar! Love the spicing.'

Free From Fairy Plain Flour

'Extremely versatile as it covers so many allergens – yet performs really well in baking.'

Oomi Protein Noodles

'Fish noodles – interesting texture and slightly fishy taste. Clever manufacturing. A lot of ingredients but niche novel and unusual. Good protein levels.'


Adonis Smart Foods Greenie

'Unusual – springy – lovely.' 'Like the crunchiness – different.'

Clonakilty Mini Black & White Puddings

'Good texture and flavour. They are naturally dairy, gluten and soya free so they should be bold and brave and declare it on the label.' 

Good Carma Foods Flavour Fusion Original

'Rich savoury taste – l can pick up salt and herbs. A great dairy-free alternative to parmesan on pasta. Very useful.'

London Falafel Beetroot Falafel

'Hits the texture spot with a lovely earthiness from the beetroot. Delicious.'

Macsween Gluten Free Haggis, Original Recipe

'Oh delicious haggis  – so peppery  and tasty although not a product for the squeamish, poor things. A mighty fine product and great to have it gluten free.' 

MiiRO SalteD CarameL

'Clever and innovative. Great chocolate and very allergen friendly.'

Individual Categories:

Freefrom Super Hero – Sponsored by Lucy Bee

  1. The Innovation Award – Sponsored by Food Matters Live
  2. No Top 14 – Sponsored for 2017 by Ilumi
  3. Retailer of the Year Award – Sponsored by Oakland International
  4. Best Product from a Start Up – Sponsored by Tesco
  5. Breakfast foods –Sponsored by Holland & Barrett
  6. Breads – Sponsored by Dr Schaer
  7. Store cupboard – Sponsored by Genius Gluten Free
  8. Pasta and Pizza –Sponsored by Genon Laboratories
  9. Superfoods and sports supplements – Sponsored by Tiana Fair Trade Organics
  10. ‘Food to go’ and food for vending –Sponsored by Integrated Food Projects Ltd
  11. Down the pub and the bar –Sponsored by the Food and Drink Innovation Network
  12. Meaty & Fishy Ready Meals – Sponsored by Mrs Crimbles
  13. Veggie ready meals – Sponsored by The Allergy & FreeFrom Show
  14. Foods suitable for treenut and peanut allergics – Sponsored by Wellaby's
  15. Foods designed for children – Sponsored by Delamere Dairy
  16. Tea Time! –Sponsored by Romer Labs UK
  17. Desserts and puddings – Sponsored by Morrisons
  18. Confectionery and chocolate – Sponsored by Goodness Direct
  19. Bars – cereal, fruit, superfood, grain-free etc – Sponsored by Synergis Marketing

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