Winners of the 2014 awards

presented by Antony Worrall Thompson
on 25th March
at the Royal College of Physicians in London


Gluten-free beer – sponsored by Ilumi

Green's IPA


Green’s India Pale Ale

‘Well balanced English IPA.’ ‘Strong ale smell, real old fashioned strong sweet flavour like a Blue Moon.’ ‘Tastes more than 4% – good well hopped flavour.’ ‘Great hop aroma, bitter and fruity flavour.’ ‘I would certainly drink this in a pub.’ ‘Amazing for a non-barley beer.’


Highly Commended

CELIA Organic Gluten Free Lager

‘Nice, clean malty smell. Easy drinking and well balanced.’ ‘Good light golden lager. Great feeling on tongue – quite sweet, almost artificial taste – like beer you get at football.’ ‘Light and fizzy – nice taste American tasting lager.’

Estrella Daura Damm

‘Lovely taste & colour. Light fizz – great smell taste – a proper Italian pilsner.’  ‘Very refreshing and easy to drink.’



Green’s Premium Pilsner

‘Really light colour, good head, good bubbles. Light sauvignon blanc colour but smells very beery.’ ‘Nice fresh, refreshing proper lager taste.’ 

St Peter’s Brewery G-free
‘Sweet at first, far more bitter after taste. Beautiful golden colour.’ ‘Not quite like normal beer but refreshing. Very drinkable and not too strong.’ ‘Amazing smell – nice bitter refreshing lager. Could manage this on a summer night – beerlicious!’



Other Categories:

The Innovation Award – Sponsored by Food Matters Live

1. Breakfast foods – Sponsored by Tesco

2. Breads – Sponsored by Genius Gluten Free

3 Store cupboard – Sponsored by Asda

4. Pasta and Pizza – Sponsored by the Food and Drink Innovation Network

5. Raw Foods and superfoods – Sponsored by Food Heaven

6. ‘Food to go’ and food for vending machines – Sponsored by 24Vend

7. Foods designed for food service – Sponsored by Genon Laboratories

8. Ready MealsMeat-based meals – Sponsored by Sainsbury's
Meat-free meals – Sponsored by Goodness Direct

9. Foods manufactured in a nut-free environment – Sponsored by the Anaphylaxis Campaign

10. Foods designed for children – Sponsored by Delamere Dairy

11. Foods for Christmas – Sponsored by Hale & Hearty

12. Scones, sweet biscuits and cookies – Sponsored by Mrs Crimbles

13. Cakes, cupcakes and brownies – Sponsored by Newburn Bakehouse

14. After dinner foods – Sponsored by Udi's

15. Gluten-free beers – Sponsored by Ilumi


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