Winners of the 2013 awards

presented by Antony Worrall Thompson
on Tuesday, 16th April
at the Royal College of Physicians in London


The Innovation Award – sponsored by Warburtons

Del 'Ugo fusilli


Dell’Ugo Chickpea Fusilli 

‘First grain-free pasta! It looks great and keeps its shape really well. You can taste the chickpeas – a bit of a culture shock for the taste buds but a very pleasant one. Slightly dry so needs plenty of oil or could handle quite a powerful sauce. Genuinely innovative product.’



Highly Commended

Lactofree Spreadable

‘Fills a gaping gap in the market. Tastes just like regular butter – lightly salted – very pleasant. Nicely spreadable. Very useful product for lactose intolerant community.’

La Zaragozana Ambar Green (apta para celiàcos) 0.0% (non-alcoholic)

‘Wow! A gluten-free alcohol-free beer – that is definitely a first! Slightly thin but very good given it's 0% alcohol, not too sweet, excellent lunchtime drink – very impressive.’



Good Wine Online So Lo SO2 2009 Navitas 

‘Not only sulphite free but fermented in concrete so no chance of gluten contamination as there always is with wooden barrels – so excellent allergy credentials. Not the greatest vintage but very drinkable. Very exciting for those who are sulphite intolerant.’

Tesco Free From Soya Crème Caramel  

‘Surprisingly like a bought dairy crème caramel. Looks very authentic, smooth, good flavour – really would not know it was soya – impressive.’


Other Categories:

Innovation award

  1. Plant (soya, rice, oat, nut, potato) 'milk', spread, cheese and dessert

  2. Freefrom breakfast cereals
  3. Freefrom breads and bread mixes
  4. Grocery ambient/store cupboard – pasta & pizza bases and sauces, flour stock etc
  5. Freefrom foods manufactured for food service – savoury and sweet
  6. Freefrom ready meals: pizzas, pies and pasties; one pot meals to include 'world food'; meat meal centres
  7. Raw foods and superfoods
  8. Freefrom children's food
  9. Freefrom savoury biscuits and snacks
  10. Freefrom scones, sweet tarts, sweet biscuits and cookies
  11. Freefrom cakes, cake mixes and cupcakes
  12. Chocolate and snack bars
  13. Christmas foods
  14. Gluten-free beer – non-barley based and barley based
  15. Products manufactured in a nut-free environment



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