Winners of the 2013 awards

presented by Antony Worrall Thompson
on Tuesday, 16th April
at the Royal College of Physicians in London


Gluten-free beer – sponsored by Orgran

Naturally gluten-free beer

Barley-based gluten-free beer

Green's dry hopped

Winner – naturally gluten-free beer

Green’s Lager Dry Hopped 

‘Mild golden colour, light crisp, nice kick of flavour, fruity undertone, a full flavour and smells great with a nice head.’


Highly Commended

Green’s India Pale Ale

‘Dark golden colour, extremely pleasant flavour light and crisp. Well balanced and mild, slightly malty. Really liked it.’

Oak & Barrel Schnitzer Bräu Organic German Hirse Premium GF Beer  

‘Light refreshing beer with a pleasant flavour and golden light colour - a well balanced 'all occasions' beer.’

St Peter’s Brewery G-Free  

‘Quite bitter - a beer drinkers' beer, good with salty food. Texture good. Well blended. Bitter hoppy taste but very drinkable.’  


Oak & Barrel Schnitzer Bräu Organic Lemon GF Beer  

‘Unexpectedly boozy and more-ish - a great beer alternative, ideal for someone who doesn’t like malt or hop type flavours. A shandy without the bitterness. Refreshing, although is it really beer?’ 


Winner – barley-based beer

Celai lager


Celia Premium Czech Lager  

‘Very clear, not much head but tastes great. Pleasant feel in the mouth, lovely sweet taste after a few mouthfuls, refreshing, clears palate. Lager drinkers will like this.’


Highly commended

Daas Blond  

‘Cloudy with a frothy head but packed full of flavour - well balanced with good bitterness. A really enjoyable drink, but strong.’

Estrella Damm Daura  

‘Good clear colour, nice aroma, pleasant taste, refreshing on palate, good aftertaste – would definitely buy this.’

Wold Top Brewery Scarborough Fair IPA   

‘Clear in colour, nice aroma, citrus in flavour, hoppy in taste, nice strength beer, clears palate, pleasant aftertaste, like it.’           


Daas Ambré 

‘Good lively head; earthy aroma, full balanced and flavoursome. Tastes like a ‘brune’ beer, malty with nice aftertaste.’

Green’s Export Lager Lite 

‘Clear colour, light, sweet to taste, no real aftertaste, a bit fizzy, not strong in alcohol, pleasant lite beer.’

Hop Back Brewery Crop Circle 

‘A traditional pub lager taste; good, balanced flavour. Light and refreshing in taste although contains some sediment, need to pour carefully.’

La Zaragozana Ambar Gluten Free

‘Mid golden colour, crisp, flavoursome beer; good as a stand alone drink rather than with food although I’d happily drink it with a big bag of chips. Nice aroma, pleaant aftertaste.’


Other Categories:

Innovation award

  1. Plant (soya, rice, oat, nut, potato) 'milk', spread, cheese and dessert

  2. Freefrom breakfast cereals
  3. Freefrom breads and bread mixes
  4. Grocery ambient/store cupboard – pasta & pizza bases and sauces, flour stock etc
  5. Freefrom foods manufactured for food service – savoury and sweet
  6. Freefrom ready meals: pizzas, pies and pasties; one pot meals to include 'world food'; meat meal centres
  7. Raw foods and superfoods
  8. Freefrom children's food
  9. Freefrom savoury biscuits and snacks
  10. Freefrom scones, sweet tarts, sweet biscuits and cookies
  11. Freefrom cakes, cake mixes and cupcakes
  12. Chocolate and snack bars
  13. Christmas foods
  14. Gluten-free beer – non-barley based and barley based
  15. Products manufactured in a nut-free environment



If you have any queries or would like to talk to us about the awards - please email

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