The ONLY awards for FreeFrom Food

Raising the profile of freefrom foods within the industry and with the consumer

Sponsorship 2021


• Take the lead in a rapidly growing sector of the food industry
• Raise the profile of your company with the people who really matter

1. The Presentation

•  Complimentary tickets to the Awards, joining over 300 FreeFrom industry players in celebrating along with the Winners as they are revealed as a part of the now legendary Winners Buffet?
• Opportunity to present the award for the sponsored category and be photographed with the winners. Photographs/videos then available for your use.

2. Social Media

• Regular mentions in our active social media streams with over 12,000 combined followers.
• Opportunities to become involved in our regular social media campaigns.

3. Your company logo to be displayed:

• On the awards website and associated communications.
• At the presentation event.
• At all consumer or trade events attended during the awards year.


4. Become involved in the awards' Zoominar programme

• An opportunity to reach a larger audience through the FreeFrom Food Awards' upcoming programme of online networking events and workshops.

5. Sponsorship to suit all budgets

• Wide selection of sponsorship packages.
• Simple 3 part payment plan to accommodate all cash flows.


For more on sponsoring an award please talk to Kara on 07734 948481‬ or email her.

Special Awards

• Retailer of the Year •
Sponsored for 2021 by Oakland International

An exciting category designed to recognise the significant role that the supermarkets play in the freefrom sector.

This category requires a minimum entry of 25 products into full price categories, of which the top scoring 20 will be considered for this award. The judges will also take into account the breadth and quality of the retailer’s FreeFrom range.

Sponsorship: £2,000

• NEW • Best Independent Brand of the Year •

A new category designed to celebrate the role of independent brands in the development of the freefrom sector. There will be awards for both the Best Small Brand (with 3 or fewer employees) and the Best Big Brand.

Sponsorship: £2,000

• FreeFrom Hero Award •
Sponsored for 2021 by Natasha's Allergy Research Foundation

We are seeking someone who has made a major contribution to freefrom, in no matter how humble a role. An excellent caring freefrom school cook, a café owner who really caters freefrom – all suggestions welcome.

Sponsorship: £2,000

• Winners Buffet 2021 •

The Awards' legendary Winner's Buffet made up of all of that year's winning products – the high point of the evening when guests get to taste THE best in freefrom.

Sponsorship - £2,000

• New for 2021 •
Best labelling for a freefrom product

The labelling of freefrom food – what to include, what to leave out, whether or not to use PAL/may contain warnings – is a minefield. This award is given to a product whose label is not only clear and compliant, but benchmarks excellence in helping the FF consumer identify safe food.  

Sponsorship: £2,000

• New for 2021 •
Best packaging for a freefrom product

The judges will be looking for the most innovative, exciting and sustainable packaging format for a freefrom food, which could be in terms of production method, design and / or materials.

Sponsorship: £1,750

• New for 2021 •
Foods manufactured for food service
Sponsored for 2021 by Asda

The return of our category devoted to foods manufactured for food service – so crucial as the sector tries to recover from the COVID pandemic.

Sponsorship: £2,000

1. Innovation Award
Sponsored for 2021 by Nairn's Oatcakes

No matter how large or small you are you can have great ideas. New concepts, innovative use of ingredients or manufacturing techniques, unusual recipes, new ways to deliver health or flavour. We want to know about them.

  1. For companies with a turnover of less than £100,000
  2. For companies with a turnover of more than £100,000

Sponsorship: £2,000

2. No Top 14

Celebrating those products which have gone the extra 13 miles and include none of the top 14 allergens!

Sponsorship: £2,500

3. Start Up Product of the Year
Sponsored for 2021 by Tesco

A category designed to encourage small start-ups. We seek a sponsor who can also offer mentoring to the winner.

Sponsorship: £2,000

4. FreeFrom Artisan Food

Artisan is a term used to describe food produced by non-industrialised methods – no matter where it is sold. Artisan food makers should have mastered the craft of their particular production and have a historical, experiential, intuitive and scientific understanding of what makes the process that they are engaged in successful. They should also be sensitive to the impact of their production on people and the environment.

Sponsorship: £1,750

5. Breakfast Foods

  • Breakfast cereals
  • Breakfast baked goods

This is one of our ‘multiple product’ categories and offers the sponsor significantly more exposure and coverage than the single product awards.

Sponsorship: £2,000

6. Milk Product Alternatives

  • Lactose reduced cow's milk, goat, sheep, buffalo & camel
  • Plant based products

Includes milk alternatives, spreads/butters, cheeses, yogurt and ice cream.

Sponsorship: £2,500

7. Breads

The most 'staple' of the staple products. Whole loaves and sliced breads, rolls, buns....
Breakfast breads, croissants et will be put into Breakfast; sweet breads, tea breads et into Teatime!

Sponsorship: £1,500

8. Store cupboard

Any store cupboard item, ambient, dried, or frozen, excluding pasta and pizza bases but including bread and cake mixes.
A very large and absolutely crucial category in freefrom.  Offers the sponsor more exposure and coverage than the single product awards.

Sponsorship: £3,000

9. Pasta and pizza

A vital part of any diet, freefrom or otherwise! Always a very popular category in freefrom. 

Sponsorship: £1,000

10. Snack bars
Sponsored for 2021 by Romer Labs

An essential item in every school lunch box, brief case, handbag and sports bag these days...
FreeFrom cereal bars, fruit bars, energy bars, nut bars, protein bars, grain free bars, raw bars, super-food bars and, no doubt, many more!

Sponsorship: £1,000

11.  Savoury Snacks and Crackers

Crisps, snacks and nuts to drink with those beers and crackers, to eat on their own or with cheese or dips.

Sponsorship: £2,000

12. Drinks – Gluten-Free Beer, 'Mixing it Up', 'A Shot of Class'

Yes, gluten-free beer – but also any other ‘freefrom’ drinks that are found in a pub/bar/party....

Sponsorship: £2,000

13. 'Meaty' and 'fishy' ready-meals

Burgers, sausages, pies, pasties, soups and one-pot meals! Any meal that you can take out of the freezer, the fridge or the store cupboard – then heat up and enjoy in front of the telly! Great entries last year!

Sponsorship: £1,500

14. • NEW • Vegan snacks and meals idea
Sponsored for 2021 by Planted

Anything from a vegan crisp or sausage roll... to a full meal.

Sponsorship: £1,750

15. Child and teen friendly food

From an early age, freefrom children are very food aware, nuritionally conscious and have surprisingly sophisticated tastes. We are looking for entries that will appeal to age groups from post toddler to late teens.

Sponsorship: £1,500

16.  Tea Time
Sponsored for 2021 by FREEE by Doves Farm

Combining the very traditional 'freefrom' cake and biscuit categories, 'Teatime' offers the sponsor more exposure and coverage than the single product awards.

Sponsorship: £2,000

17. Dessert and puddings

A very successful category bringing together every kind of dessert and pudding from Sticky toffee pudding to coconut cream, including seasonal desserts – such as Christmas pus!

Sponsorship: £2,000

18.  Confectionery – chocolate and sweets
Sponsored for 2021 by Wellaby’s

We are looking for everything from everyday chocolate and candy bars to gift confectionery, seasonal confectionery (Christmas and Easter), low sugar/sugar free confectionery and any other sort of 'freefrom' confectionery that we have not thought of!

Sponsorship: £1,500

19. FreeFrom Gifts

Anything and everything freefrom - as long as it would make a good gift!

Sponsorship: £1,500

For more on sponsoring an award please talk to Kara on 07734 948481‬ or email her.