Wild Thing Paleo bars


Wild Thing Paleo bars are intended as an on-the-go snack, full of nutrients for fuelling fitness or endurance training or simply as a 'keep-me-going' snack food during a busy day. We know that there is still a scarcity of decent, healthy freefrom foods in the eating out sector, and for those unable to find a nutritious freefrom lunch, these could be the perfect carry-over until supper... Or a simply a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Nicely packaged in bright colours for different flavours, on the yellow & green bars it is a little difficult to see clearly which ingredients are in bold and therefore allergenic. However, Wild Thing Paleo definitely score points for not putting their ingredients/allergen warnings under the flap (as SO many snack bar manufacturers do), meaning that on these bars you can actually read the ingredients without ripping the packaging!

Overall, these are lovely products with no ‘may contain’ warnings,

Nuts and Seeds: Very nicely moist with a good coarse texture, this bar is very full of cashew nuts and almonds and big green pumpkin seeds. The sweetness brought by the dates is well-balanced by the Himalayan salt and not too sweet.

Ingredients: dates*, sunflower seeds*(20%), cashew* (15%), almond* (10%), cashew butter* (10%), pumpkin seeds* (7%), Himalayan salt.

Coconut and Chia: Our panel also loved the detail in this one - really interesting ingredients and textures here, in a slightly softer bar. The chia seeds are high in nutrients, the cashews give a smooth, almost crumb-like texture to the bar, and the acerola is high in Vitamin C.

Ingredients: dates*, cashew*, coconut* (20%), chia seeds* (4%), acerola powder*

Cacao and Almond: Full of lovely chunks of almond, and nice and sweet, but the cacao is overwhelmed by the dates, so perhaps a little more cacao in this one we felt. Otherwise this is a lovely firm bar, and the balance of squishiness and hard almonds was perfect.

Ingredients: dates*, almond* (26%), cacao powder* (6%), raisins*, Bourbon vanilla*

Berries and Seeds: some of the panel found it hard to identify the berries in this one, but others thought the almost 30% of berries in each bar were fantastically juicy - we really like berries - this is a perfectly pleasant and rather sweet treat!

Ingredients: dates*, sunflower seeds*(20%), cranberries (cranberry, apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil) *(12%), white mulberries* (10%), pumpkin seeds* (7%), blueberries* (4%), goji berries* (3%), acai berry powder* (1%)

Allergy advice: For allergens, see ingredients in bold
*Certified organic by BG-BIO-02

Available online and from Amazon, Planet Organic and Oliver's Wholefood Stores, a 30g bar costs approximately �1.35.