SuperGrain PastaSuperGrain Artisan Pasta was born from a dream of two gardeners:  to create healthy, nutritious & tasty gluten free pasta. ​Using ancient grains and seeds that they knew and used as gardeners in their kitchen, the pastas are nutritious, have low sugar levels (great for diabetics) and are full of protein and fibre.

Marianna (self-diagnosed coeliac) and Keith (diabetic food lover and gluten intolerant) designed SuperGrain and SuperSeed pasta to be free of GMOs, fillers, emulsifiers, preservatives and artificial stuff because Marianna is allergic to these things. They use millet, sorghum (see lefthand photo) and quinoa (among other things, as you will see!) in their pastas, which are made using traditional methods. And we would like to point out just how few ingredients are in each pasta...

Marianna & Keith have created a recipe for you to use to make their favourite dishes using each of the pastas we reviewed, all available to buy from their website. We tasted them all simply with a little olive oil in order to really get the flavours of each different variety we reviewed. Then we tasted them after adding in a little pesto to see how robust the textures are and whether they can withstand the mixing! All of these fusilli pastas are very delicate-looking so it is interesting to witness how they all cooked...

SuperSeed Green Banana fusilli £4.10 for 250g: this one was a couple of the team's favourite variety - possibly because it is made from green bananas! But there was no taste of bananas at all... It cooked perfectly in the 7 minutes recommended, held together very well and is a lovely pale not-quite-green colour.
Ingredients: green banana flour, sesame flour, tapioca, egg

SuperSeed Green Banana with Spinach Pesto
· 50g SuperSeed Green Banana penne
· 3 handfuls of spinach
· Garlic clove
· Sunflower seed (or any seeds you wish)
· Extra virgin olive oil
· Salt & pepper
· 1 banana
· 1 lemon
· Olive oil

1) Slice up, then fry the banana on very high temperature. When caramelized place the fried banana on a tissue paper to drain.
2) Cook the SuperSeed Green Banana pasta in salty boiling water for 7 minutes.
3) Until the pasta is cooking prepare the pesto; put all ingredients (spinach, garlic, salt & pepper, seeds, extra virgin olive oil) in a food processor and blend it together.
4) When the pasta is ready drain it, mix it with the pesto and serve it with the fried banana on top.
5) Sprinkle it with some lemon zest on the top – bon appetit!

SuperSeed Flaxseed fusilli £3.80 for 250g:
this pasta produces a bowl of wonderfully glossy dark brown fusilli spirals, perfect for a creamy white sauce as demonstrated below. Again, this holds together very well indeed, and produces a lovely fusilli with a firm bite. There is interestingly no hint of flaxseed flavour or texture in the pasta.
Ingredients: flaxseed meal, tapioca, egg

SuperSeed Flaxseed fusilli with creamy mushroomsupergrain-flaxseed

· 50g SuperSeed Flaxseed fusilli
· 1 shallot
· 200g chestnut mushroom
· Some shitake if possible
· Alternative cream (soya)
· Olive oil
· Parsley
· Salt & pepper

1) Dice up the shallot and gently fry it until it is translucent with some olive oil.
2) Bring salty water to the boil, put the pasta in and cook it for 7 minutes.
3) Dice up the mushrooms (wipe them clean first) and then add to the onion.
4) Fry them for maximum of 5 minutes.
5) Add a big splash of cream, season with salt & pepper.
6) Drain the pasta and place it on a plate.
7) Pour the creamy mushroom sauce on the top, sprinkle some chopped up parsley on the top. Bon appetit!

SuperSeed Sesame fusilli £3.81 for 250g: as I tipped this pasta into the pan I got a strong aroma of sesame seed which all but disappeared after cooking - and watch the cooking time on this one as it only needs 3-5 minutes. The pasta doesn't hold together quite as well as the others but it is still robust enough to take the pesto stirred through it. This has a smooth texture similar to durum wheat pasta, so if you are very much pining for that, then do try this one.
Ingredients: sesame flour, tapioca, egg

SuperSeed Sesame Fusilli with tuna & peach

· 50g SuperSeed Sesame fusilli
· 1 tuna steak
· 1 peach (alternatively a handful of strawberries)
· Sesame seed
· Grape seed oil
· Olive oil
· Salt & pepper
· Basil

1) Cook the pasta for 5 minutes in salty boiling water. Drain, set aside.
2) Cut the tuna in cubes (2cm*2cm) and marinate it in extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper for minimum of 30 minutes or overnight.
3) Heat your frying pan to high temperature with grape seed oil and seal the tuna cubes. Do not be tempted to do it quickly, make sure each side is crisp.
4) When it is done, put them aside on a plate to let the extra oil drain away.
5) Cut up the peach (or strawberries) in smaller cubes the tuna.
6) Place the cooked pasta on a plate, put the fried tuna on the top. Season and sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil and basil on the top.
7) Finish it off with a pinch of sesame seed. Enjoy!

SuperGrain Sorghum Fusilli £2.90 for 200g: This very fine-looking pasta is textured so that it feels very slightly crunchy as you eat it! I'm not sure whether this is the grape seed flour or the psyllium husk, but it is very welcome in a pasta, which also looks like the pasta equivalent of the red raccoon! Fantastic and robust, with a sharp, grassy aftertaste, this would combine well with a strong-flavoured sauce, a Puttanesca perhaps.
Ingredients: sorghum flour, red grape seed flour, psyllium husk

SuperGrain Sorghum fusilli

· 50g of SuperGrain Sorghum fusilli
· Handful of green beans
· 1 shallot
· Couple of slice of good quality ham (in small pieces)
· Olive oil
· Salt & pepper
· Basil

1) Boil the water for the pasta with salt, and when it is boiling put the pasta in.
2) Cook the pasta for 7 minutes
3) Dice up the shallot and gently fry it until it is translucent and then add the ham pieces
4) Top & tail the beans, and cut them ½ inch long
5) Blanch them, until they are still firm but cooked
6) Drain the pasta and place it on a plate
7) Mix it with the beans & ham
8) Season with salt & pepper, and basil. Bon appetit!

Supergrain and SuperSeed pastas are avilable to buy from Nomad Health, where Marianna and Keith have also begun sharing their veggie, vegan, paleo and FODMAPs recipes.




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