Tolerant Really Health Pasta

Tolerant Pasta

Tolerant pasta is gluten, dairy, nut and egg free, as well as organic, vegetarian and vegan. The Tolerant pasta range from Really Healthy Pasta is made from high protein red lentils and black beans and the two products we're reviewing are 'rotini', a shape similar to fusilli that comes as a colourful orange pasta made from 100% red lentils or black pasta made from 100% black beans.

The rotini cook to the times suggested on pack, and hold together well through stirring and draining, and being tossed in sauce. They have a slightly rougher texture than regular pasta, as one would expect from a pulse-based pasta, and have a salty-tasting edge although the ingredients contain no added salt.

A really good product with fun packaging, and easy to cook, which delivers not only a satisfying freefrom alternative to regular gluten pasta but also protein from the pulses - 22 grams of protein and an average of 14 grams of fibre per 3 ounce serving. Our two smaller tasters (aged 3 and 7) had it with pesto and polished it off without a word of complaint - a positive review!

Ingredients: non-GMO organic black beans or non-GMO organic red lentils.

"TOLERANT products are made for individuals suffering from gluten intolerance, including the extreme suffering from celiac disease, vegans, heart & stroke patients, diabetics, especially those suffering from food related type 2 Diabetes, and of course anyone with extreme allergies caused by eggs, seafood, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, fish, soy and of course wheat." Read more...

Really Healthy Pasta also make fettuccine and penne in the same varieties. All six pastas are available online and cost £4.99 for a 227g (8oz) box, or £14.97 for 4.