The Organic Wine Club

The Organic Wine ClubThe Organic Wine Club is the UK's first wine club solely dedicated to organic wines, and membership offers delicious organic wines that are handpicked by their wine expert;
exploring the variety at winetastings;
exclusive cases and up to 25% discounts; and
wines that are lower sulphite, lower alcohol and vegan friendly.

Mission statement: Helping people to drink less but better wines!

The Organic Wine Club sent us one of their English wines to sample - Horsmonden Dry White 2015, Davenport Vineyard, East Sussex, England. Organic and made by sustainable methods, the grape varieties are: Bacchus, Ortega, Siegerrebe, Faberrebe and Huxelrebe. The wine is made using natural yeasts and certified organic by the Soil Association.

Here's what we thought: we drank this cold, straight out of the fridge, unaccompanied by anything other than the sunshine on a warm afternoon. A delicious, crisp floral aroma arrived first, full of the promise of summer. The wine itself has simple flavours compared to the rich bouquet that hits the nose, but this makes the wine very good to eat with delicate flavoured foods such as a lemon sole or other fish. One taster recommended it as a very good 'swigging' wine - to be drunk alone as the sunshine beats across the afternoon before sinking and leaving its warmth to the earth. It is too gentle a wine to be drunk after more intense flavours.

Here's what the Organic Wine Co say: this is a true English gem - a wine that does so well in blind tastings as it always performs so strongly and surprises so many when revealed as 'English'. It delights most with its blossomy lime aromas, zesty freshness and vivacity and great concentration of apple and yeasty flavours. A dry white best filed under 'refreshing'. Yet it is very complex and will definitely surprise you - how good English produce can be when made with care and love (and organically of course!)

The organic wine Club are offering 10% of all their British organic wines to celebrate Olympics (until 22nd August) - use 'OrganicGB' as the code to redeem this offer.

Here is a little bit of information from the Organic Wine Club about organic methods and what they mean for the end product: Organic farming presumes that no harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers are allowed to grow the grapes. Grapes are amongst other fruit that store those harmful substances, hence it is increasingly beneficial for your health to drink wines made from organic grapes. It also generally means no artificial or synthetic preservatives were used, no colours added and no agents added to alter the taste. If you are wondering, organic also means nothing genetically modified.

There's loads of restrictions. So what's permitted?It is all about naturally occurring substances: elemental sulphur and salt copper sulphate (Bordeaux mixture). Plant oils, seaweed, powders based on wild herbs do not enter vine's sap or grape pulp and thus have no effect on the resulting wine. Organic farming focuses on the techniques that are focused on prevention rather than cure.
For those concerned about excessive use of sulphites: organic regulations also impose stricter restrictions on sulphites - 100 mg/l for dry reds and 150 mg/l for dry whites and rose wines.




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