The Natural & Organics Product Europe Show, London's ExCel,
April 2 - 3

Allergy Show Scotland

Getting round Natural & Organic Products Europe this year took all day, and we could have spent two days there, such is the increase in naturally freefrom foods on display. Consumer demand for 'all-natural' foods is rising, currently at 47% up from 44% in 2015 (Euromonitor), due to an increase in awareness of sustainability, provenance, authenticity, artisan methods and local sourcing, according to the most recent edition of Natural Products news. Add to this the rise in veganism and the demand for allergen-free food, and it is no surprise to find three halls of ExCel full of natural & organic foods! Here are some of the highlights...


Silver winners at FFFA17, MOMA were showcasing their newest creation milk and gluten free Apple and Cinnamon Porridge Pot.


The Coconut Collaborative

The Coconut Collaborative's newest addition to their Little Temptations range is this tasty little vegan, milk, soya and gluten free lemon posset-a-like - fresh, zingy and entirely pudding.

Plamil Foods

Plamil are launching their new So Free range of chocolate bars - as well as a sugar-free version coming soon.... So Free is nut, gluten and milk-free, and comes in flavours such as mint, orange, extra dark, milk and white. Always innovating, Plamil's managing director Adrian Ling was nominated for our FreeFrom Superhero 2017: "Adrian is much loved by the mums of nut, milk and egg allergic children as Plamil facilities are dedicated nut, milk, egg and gluten-free. Adrian is also hugely supportive of the allergy community."


Honeybuns newest milk, egg and gluten free, vegan creation is this Oaty Coconut Bar - made with date syrup.


Mindfuel make organic, plant-based (vegan), milk, wheat and soya free instant soups and chia seed puddings - so fast, food to go but rather more healthy than conventional instant soups!


Nush is a new company whose range of almond and cashew vegan yoghurts is available from various places in London. Including vanilla, strawberry & natural cashew yoghurts, and blueberry, peach melba, caramel & hibiscus and natural almond yoghurts, the range is milk, gluten, soya and refined sugar free.

Pacari Chocolate

A new vegan meat alternative that is also good for you and gluten free? Essential have just launched organic young jackfruit chunks in salted water that can be used just like meat - marinated and used in stir-fries, stews and other 'meaty' dishes.

Pure Grain Bread

Pure Grain Bread is baked without flour or yeast - it is instead made with oats, seeds and rye, and with various flavours such as prunes, cranberry, black cumin and chia. The loaves are milk, soya, sugar and yeast free.

Seamore Food

Seamore Food's latest offering is I Sea Bacon - a vegan, gluten free, wild, organic seaweed that turns into crunchy (green) bacon when fried, and can be added to anything to boost flavours.

An upsurge in the popularity of turmeric has brought us variations on the theme such as these milk & gluten free instant caffeine free hot drinks or teas: The Oh So Good Turmerlicious (left) in vanilla, chilli-choc, ginger and choco latte flavours - with whole spices, and black pepper to maximise the bio-availability of the turmeric. And Taka Turmeric's range, including Golden Tea, Golden Latte and Golden Cacao is also dairy & caffeine free.
Better You

Also on a turmeric theme is Better You's Turmeric Oral Spray, which they guarantee has superior absorption to turmeric tablets. And whilst we are on oral sprays, Higher Nature has brought out Worry Not (full of B vitamins) and Rest Well (melatonin & 5-HTP) - all of which have a freefrom key to hand - incidentally the latter is milk, soya, wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy & sugar free, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Atlantic Kitchen

Atlantic Kitchen's seaweed bowls are another food to go range - with Spicy Fish of the Day, Super Green and Beetroot & Chickpea Bowls all wheat, gluten and milk free, and each made with a different variety of seaweed.


Vego make dairy free, vegan chocolate that is eerily like a milk chocolate, and stuffed with crunchy hazelnuts. Organic and fairtrade, this rivals the biggest chocolate bars on the market!

Middleton Foods

Gregory's Tree launched their organic, allergen free blueberry & raspberry double fruit twists at the show - perfect for lunch boxes or to accompany a glass of fizz or standard tea time cuppa... More flavours launching soon.


LilyoHanna's Raw Food Ice Dream is made from cashews & coconuts, as well as various different flavours. With flavours such as cinnamon & cardamom, lemon cheesecake and creme caramel coconut bliss, these ice dreams are milk & gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free and most importantly yummy.

Follow Your HeartNow available from many more UK outlets, Follow Your Heart have brought over from California their large range of Vegenaise sauces as well as their Vegan Gourmet Shreds - grated vegan cheese that works well in toasties. This alternitive to cheese is milk and soya free, as well as being gluten free.

Nomads stuff big juicy dates with superfoods such as acai and blueberry – in packs of three, these snacks are raw, gluten free – and provide energy and a nice pick me up!

SuperFood Bakery

Superfood Bakery make gluten, wheat and milk free mixes for pancakes, cookies and bliss balls using oats, amaranth, coconut, baobab and other nutritious ingredients.


Clearspring's Seaveg Crispies are now EU certified organic, as well as being gluten free - well they are pretty much free from everything except sesame...


Snact! These food waste Snactivists collect up all the 'ugly' fruit that supermarkets won't sell and turn it into delicious fruit jerky. This creates vegan, gluten free whole fruit snacks that are perfect for on the go kids!


Lisa's Crisps

Lisa's Organic Craft Crisps are made from potatoes grown in the Alps, and seasoned with Alpine salt and herbs. Gluten free and apart from the emmenthal flavour, vegan.

FreeFrom Fellows

Sugar, gelatine & gluten free sweeties by FreeFrom Fellows - including cola bottles, gummy bears and midget gems. Sweetened with maltitol, and chewy just like gelatine sweets your kids won't know the difference.


Taifun'snew Feto is made from fermented tofu which is easier to digest than it's non fermented brother. Feto is vegan and can be enjoyed in three flavours: natural, herb and bell pepper, as a replacement for meat.

Enjoy Raw Chocolate

Enjoy Raw Chocolate has just enjoyed a brand redesign - check out those gorgeous new colours! The organic, milk, soya & gluten free range is sweetened with coconut blossom nectar, and comes in raspberry, orange, mint, lime, creamy coconut milk and fruit and nut as well as the different strength plain bars.

Raw Gorilla

Raw Gorilla make raw, vegan, paleo gluten, wheat, soya & milk free cereals and snacks: fruit & nut bites in four flavours, and crispies cereals in Strawberry, Cacao and Original varieties.

Get Buzzing

Get Buzzing make nut-free flapjacks in lots of different flavours: with Wowbutter, mixed berries, and a mint chocolate high protein bar that is also gluten-free - made specifically for nut-allergics and athletes.

The Coconut Company

The Coconut Co make your favourite, traditionally gluten and/or soya-containing sauces, allergen-free! Their organic coconut amino sauces come in teriyaki and barbeque flavours, and an all-purpose seasoning. They also make flavoured coconut vinegars and other coconut products.


Raw&Wild's pili nuts are full of goodness and naturally freefrom - harvested in the Philippines, processed as simply as possible and flavoured with turmeric & ginger, raw chocolate & coconut, Himalayan pink salt.


Iswari introduce their new large raw chocolate bars - sweetened with coconut sugar making them low GI and a little crunchy, this chocolate comes in bean & blossom, mint kiss, gojinger and orange quinoa, and is vegan and gluten-free


Coca Fina have branched out from their coconut water products and introduced a new range of snack bars: based on coconut and with added dates or chocolate or pineapple, these flapjack-type bars are organic and vegan.

Saf Life

Alongside their raw kale crisps, Saf Life have launched a new impulse range including protein bites, puddings bites and a chocolate raisin trail mix... vegan and raw, theseare gluten and milk-free, containing no refined sugar.


Perkier's new quinoa bar range is sticky, chewy and full of tasty seeds - these gluten, milk & wheat free snack bars come in cacao & cashew, peanut, goji & cranberry and three more flavours.

Fry's Family Foods

Longstanding vegan food company Fry's Family Foods have launched a new vegan, milk-free ice cream, based on coconut. In Madagascan vanilla, salted caramel and other flavours, this ice cream uses agave nectar for sweetening.

Fry's Family Foods

Last but not least two companies are looking after our best friends, dogs. Benevo, who specialise in animal-free pet foods, has identified humans' desire to make birthday cakes for dogs, and has created this vegan, wheat & gluten free mix...

Barking Heads

Barking Heads (and Meowing Heads too!) make grain-free (some gluten-free) cat and dog foods - dry mix and tins of meat too....

The next Natural & Organic Products Europe Show (Trade Only Event) is:

22-23 April 2018

ExCeL London