Natural and Organic Products Show ExCel 2016
April 17-18

Natural & Organic Products Show

It shows just how far freefrom has come that a significant proportion of the natural and organic food companies at the Natural & Organic Show are free from a significant number of allergens! Another good sign was all the FreeFrom Food Awards entrants dotted about the aisles!

Many products on display were seeking distribution in the UK, so I am going to tease you by telling you all about them in the hope that one day soon you will read on our updates that they are available to buy – just like Follow Your Heart’s vegan egg from the US which is finally available!

This being the Natural & Organic Show, most of the products were naturally freefrom, so not ostentatiously labelled as ‘freefrom’.

Some of the new freefrom products that ARE AVAILABLE IN THE UK:

The Coconut Collaborative’s new dairy free ‘mini milk’ and ‘magnum’-type ice ‘creams’: enticingly ‘creamy’ and a great look-a-like too!

Violife’s new Blu cheese – not yet tasted, but greatly anticipated!

Booja-Booja’s new range of ice ‘creams’ – I sampled the Chocolate Salted Caramel – honestly, I had to take a moment to offer up a silent thanksgiving. Other flavours in the beautifully designed range includes raspberry and mint choc chip.

Plenish’s new cashew and almond milks contain 6 and 7% of nuts respectively, and thus have a very creamy texture and proper nutty flavours. The cashew I understand is particularly good at frothing for coffee art!

Babease make gluten & dairy free baby foods.

The Giving Tree freeze-dry vegetables and fruits for snacking or topping.

Lucy Bee were showcasing new superfood products in their range ‘Lucy Bee Nature’s Perfect Ingredients: cacao powder, raw turmeric powder, maca powder, lucuma powder, cinnamon and Himalayan salt.

Iswari were showcasing their fabulous breakfast Buddha's Awakening products.

Of The Earth’s new paleo range, Lucy Rocks, includes granolas and superfoods such as maca powder, acai berry powder, and yacon root syrup – a prebiotic, low GI, sweet source of calcium!

NatureCrops Quinoa’s products include gluten free soup, nutrition bars, smoothies and straight-up quinoa grains. Available online.

enJoy! raw chocolate is gluten, dairy and soya free, vegan chocolate, made in tasty flavours such as mint and raspberry, with no refined sugars.

Lovechock is full of lovechemicals - yes PLEASE! Lovechock comes in little bars, tablets, mylk and rocks (fruit & nuts covered in chocolate).

LifeFood’s new LifeBar Plus is a superfood-fortified energy bar range, with flavours such as Choco Green Protein and Bluebrerry Quinoa – gluten & dairy free bio vegan bars.

Zoot Natural make gluten and dairy free energy bars from nuts & seeds.

Saf Life have rebranded completely and launched 20-odd new products - coming soon! Including activated crackers, nutty nori, kale crisps and cereal bites....

From the creators of Smooze comes Munch, a very tasty, slow-baked snack made of fruits, nuts & seeds... Coming soon....

Vivoo make raw cacao and superfood energy bars, fruit bites and snacks.

BodyMe's organic raw protein snack bars - gluten, dairy, soya and bake free!

Rainforest Foods work with Rainforest Concern to protect the wildlife, indigenous people, and the rain forest in Ecuador - and their products are organic, fair trade, vegan: maca root, spirulina, cacao, chia and more...

Moral Fibre snack pots of raw bites and balls: courgette crunch, banananut bites and chilli crunch among others...

Raw Gorilla make raw, paleo, orgainc, sprouted & vegan crispies (for breakfast) and munchies fruit & nut bites.

There were a lot of tasty drinks on show – I tried to get details for them all: they all have such few ingredients, they're all full of goodness and seem to be mostly freefrom the 14 allergens. In no particular order:

Sibberi: birch tree sap, long drunk in Nordic cultures, is a diuretic. Sibberi also do maple sap....
DRINKMaple: from the sap of the maple, this water is high in manganese, calcium and other nutrients.
Mighty Bee: the water from the young raw Thai Nam Hom coconut.
truenopal: water from the prickly pear cactus, a hydrating, berry tasting drink.
Gusto Organic: botanical energy drinks including a very convincing healthy cola!
Ei Water: probiotic, protein, collagen and coconut waters 'natural drinks with health benefits'.
Protein Water: with 20g of protein, for drinking when exercising, or just out and about.
Chi - rehydrate, revive: raw, organic coconut water with bioactive enzymes for digestion, and lots of electrolytes for exercising.
Coco Zumi: pure, fairtrade, organic, coconut water.

A couple of my favourite products that are yet to find distributors (SO NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UK):

Cashew nut Camembert (Come On Bert) – smells unbelievably just like a mouldy cheese! With a perfect mouldy rind, and an extraordinarily convincing interior, this 'cheese' tastes like a mild Camembert - it's really quite something!

Rawito make raw dairyfree ice ‘cream’, all handmade in pineapple flavour, apple & plum, apricot and other fruit flavours.