The lunch! Show
September 21st-22nd

Speciality and Fine Food Fair

lunch! the contemporary food to go show that has just taken place over two days at Islington's beautiful Business Design Centre was crammed with hundreds of mealtime products over three floors alongside interesting packaging ideas and two keynote thatres, and I found lots of freefrom products old and new.

Please forgive my blurry photos - I may eat freefrom snacks for a living but I am no photographer... For better photos and a couple of things I missed check out Health Journo's posts on Facebook.



Plenish were showcasing their dairy-free almond and cashew milks by offering frothyplenish coffees made by an expert barista! Theories abound as to which milks are BEST for making coffees, and our report on alternative milks and coffees will be out soon!



momaMOMA Foods have recently launched a vegan porridge pot with coconut & chia - not what these two lovelies are modelling but they're so bright and cheerful!





Chika's are adding to their gluten-free snack range with these honey-spiced almonds - coming soon.




dragonflyDragonfly Foods have just launched two new ready meal pots - Moroccan Tagine and Thai Green Curry all gluten, wheat, dairy & egg-free, and made with tofu (soya) rather than meat - which have a lovely depth of flavour. Better picture from the Health Journo here.



Coconut Merchant have recently launched their own line of coconutmerchantcoconut water - AquaCoco Active - made from young green coconuts and a proper thirst quencher.




nakd-poshNatural Balance Foods have launched gluten-free Nakd Posh Bits in four tasty flavours - just a perfect size for a snack or pudding or afternoon treat with a cup of tea. Not too sweet but full of flavour.




The Coconut Collaborative has launched a limited edition dairy free coconut yoghurt with Upwards!proceeds going to breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! who will send you reminders every month to check your boobs for any abnormalities that could indicate breast cancer. Just Text BOOBS to 70300 to sign up to their text message reminder service.



kokoKoko Dairy Free's rich & creamy new dairy-free yoghurts come in four flavours: raspberry, strawberry, peach & passionfruit and coconut & lemon.




lovecornLoveCorn have launched their gluten-free crunchy roasted corn snacks in three flavours including this smoked bbq...


darling-corn... and Darling Corn (from Darling Spuds) have launched a gluten-free Barbecue toasted corn kernel product



Go Coco have launched three dairy-free coconut milkshakes in banana, strawberry and chocolate - sweetened wth date nectar so no refined sugar, and popular with children!go-coco


rebel-kitchenRebel Kitchen were showcasing their dairy-free organic coconut yoghurts in sleek black packaging.




Freaks of Nature launched their very tasty, not too sweet, delicately balanced dessert pots: dairy, gluten, eggs, soya and refined sugar-free mango fandango, a chocolate mousse-type and a raspberry pudding topped with nuts.freaksofnature



mightybeeMighty Bee have created some lovely packs for their exquisite coconut jerky, seen hanging here from their stall at the show.




Gruntled is another new product from Darling Spuds - gluten-free pork scratchings in four flavours: English Mustard, Cornish Sea Salt & Habanero Chilli.



livias-kitchenLivia's Kitchen have launched their dairy, gluten and refined sugar-free raw millionaire bites in a grab 'n' go bar format, handily scoring the chocolate to enable consumers to divide into 3 for sharin... SHARING?!? Not likely - these are delicious...


Ape Snacks launched their crunchy gluten-free coconut bites - little discs of coconut ape-snacksblended with either sesame, chia, or just natural.


whitworthsWhitworths makers of baking products among other things, have launched their 'Full of Super' range - gluten-free bars and flaxseed crisps.




London Falafel make 14 allergen-free falafels, already available in foodservice, and london-falafelsoon to be available retail.




The Jelly Bean Factory's jelly beans are gluten, nut and gelatine free, and they make a mind-boggling 12 million jelly beans everyday!

Savoursmith make dairy and gluten free potato crisps in posh flavours: two of them are truffle and rosemary and 'champers' and Serrano chilli.

Halo Coco have launched two dairy-free coconut drinks - one with pineapple and one with vanilla.

Almost Tyrrells whole range is gluten-free, bar their tortillas which are not made in a gluten-free environment. And they are also responsible for Posh Corn which comes in a range of flavours and is all gluten-free.

Hippeas organic chickpea puffs are gluten-free and vegan, and come in four tasty flavours including sweet & smokin' and in herbs we trust!

LoveTaste were showcasing their frozen fruit smoothie packs, but are also launching a bone broth product. Frozen pods of bone broth - bones boiled for a long time with vegetables and hervs - that can be turned into a mug of soup in a matter of minutes. Available in Ocado in October.

I had a chance to try Coldpress's naturally freefrom juices - perfect for Autmun is their Pumpkin Power - are coldpressed (obvs) so retain more nutrients and vitamins.

Ohso make gluten and nut-free chocolate, in lovely little 7x4cm bars, available in five-packs.

Bioglan have added new flavours to their vegan and gluten free Raw Bites range - I tried the ginger & spirulina chunks - lovely strong flavours.

Totally Happy make organic candy which is also gluten & gelatine-free & vegan in sour shots, caramel fizz, wild hearts.

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