Incredible Bakery

Incredible Bakery

The Incredible Bakery Company is a craft bakery specialising in Gluten Free and Vegan products. All products are made without any of the 14 most common food allergens, meaning that all of their breads and cakes are gluten, dairy, egg, soya and nut free.

The Incredible Bakery is run by Valeria Mizuno-Turner and her husband, inspired by a need to create food for their four year old son Leon who is gluten, dairy, egg, soya and peanut allergic. Two years ago they gave up  their jobs in the city of London to open the Incredible Bakery in a tiny village in Northamptonshire, since when they have been going from strength to strength. For more of the history behind Incredible Bakery Co, have a look here.

Ginger, Date & Chocolate Loaf £3.80:
A tall, handsome loaf with a fantastic texture and a crunchy crust, but inside the crumb is nice and soft and holds together well. Not too sweet, dotted about with ginger, date & chocolate – some felt there was not enough fruit & chocolate content, but others felt there was a good balance. We came to the conclusion that people have very different expectations from a sweet bread loaf: some wanted it to be thick with 'bits', and would toast it and butter it thickly to be a cake alternative. Some would eat it as though it were savoury bread, perhaps with a cheese. This loaf would be perfect for making a bread and butter pudding for example, as it is mildly flavoured. Some felt it was comparable with a panetonne as they are very fluffy textured with varying degrees of fruity bits, and although similar in texture, this is no where near as sweet as pannetone.

Ingredients: water, gram flour, white and brown rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, golden linseed, ginger (12%), dates (6%), chocolate chips (6%), cold pressed rapeseed oil, stabiliser: xanthan gum, raising agent: yeast, psyllium husk, unrefined sugar, sea salt.

Cinnamon & Raisin Buns (2 in a pack) £2.00:
We tried these large, bouncing buns hot and cold but the tasters thought the cinnamon came through stronger in a cold bun. Heated, the buns had an incredibly fluffy crumb with a lovely crisp crust – we heated them up in their oven-proof pack which is thoughtfully supplied to prevent cross-contamination.
Again there was some consternation about the lack of raisins when comparing these to a traditional tea cake or hot cross bun; however given the major attributes of fantastic textures and lack of all 14 allergens the tasters felt able to overlook this. The flavour of the flours used comes through quite clearly – perhaps if the was an increase in cinnamon and/or raisins this (not unpleasant) flavour might be masked a little better?

Ingredients: water, gram flour, white and brown rice flour, potato starch, gluten free oats, cold pressed rape seed oil, raisins (5%), cinnamon (2%), mono calcium phosphate, corn starch, xanthan gum, raising agent: yeast, psyllium husk, unrefined sugar, sea salt, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate.

Incredible Lemon Slice £1.50:
Wonderfully moist cake with a gorgeous lemon icing drizzle on top, but the banana flavour in the crumb came through more strongly making us wonder whether it should be called ‘banana-lemon’ slice instead? This slice is not too sweet, has a really scrummy slightly ‘un-baked’ flavour/texture, and was undoubtedly the tasters’ favourite of the four.

Ingredients: white rice flour, brown rice flour, gluten free oats, potato starch, corn flour, stabiliser: xanthan gum, unrefined sugar, bananas, water, fresh lemon (3%), cold pressed rapeseed oil, soda bicarbonate.

Incredible Chocolate Brownie £1.50:
Well, what can we say? These days there are gf brownies EVERWHERE. However this brownie is free from all 14 alergens, which makes it unusual. Our tasters really appreciated the strong chocolate flavours, the firm but soft textures (almost ganache-like in their dark smoothness), and the chunky chips hidden within. A really good brownie.

Ingredients: white rice flour, brown rice flour, gram flour, gluten free oats, cocoa, corn flour, chocolate chips 19% (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier, sunflower lecithin) stabiliser: xanthan gum, unrefined sugar, banana, vanilla extract, water, cold pressed rapeseed oil, soda bicarbonate.

All products can be bought online from Incredible Bakery's website so just check in to Incredible Bakery Company and put in your order. The range is also available now from Planet Organic.




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