Healthy Nibbles Vending


Healthy Nibbles Vending, winner of the Best Newcomer award at Avex International 2015, is bringing a healthier selection of foods to vending machines nationwide. Developed due to the difficulty of finding healthy products in vending machines in schools, hospitals and gyms, Healthy Nibbles vending machines stock over 250 gluten, dairy, nut & sugar free, vegan and paleo foods and drinks and can be found in Scotland and on the M25 circuit around London.

As if the healthy stuff wasn't good enough, what is so great about this particular vending system is that the purchaser is able to see the full ingredients and allergen information BEFORE buying! And you can pay using cash, card or through contactless payment such as ApplePay. There is a wheelchair user setting, and a 'multi-buy' option, useful if you have some small and hungry children in your group, and you can search for products that suit your requirements, eg if you need a gluten free snack.

Healthy Nibbles also has a snack box service that operates nationwide, selecting gluten free, vegan and paleo snacks for kids and adults and delivering to your door either every week or every month.