Macro-MarzWe first met the Functional Food Company at Food Matters Live last year, and this year they won a bronze for their absolutely beautiful creations at the FreeFrom Food Awards 2017. Its founder Alessandra Bester has been learning about and experimenting with 'functional' foods since she was a little girl growing up in the European countryside. 'Functional' simply means foods that maintain health and wellbeing, and her skills were put to the test when her son was diagnosed with autism and then she herself was diagnosed with various food intolerances. You can read her story here, but these foods were born from a desire to have more foods suitable for those with dietary, autism and mental issues: raw, organic, gluten-free, vegan, high fibre, high protein snacks with minimum natural fat from omega 6 sources and healthy sweeteners.

Their Macro Marz - Minerals & Marzipan (see above) are three varieties of ‘marzipan’ ‘truffles’. They’re difficult to define - but they are soft like a fresh, crumbly marzipan. The three different types are very pretty: one covered in dark chocolate and two in a lemon & matcha with either drizzled chocolate or pumpkin seeds. For die-hard marzipan fans these are a just a gentle nod in that direction - as they are nut-free, and use a 'marzipan' extract for flavouring, they cannot do more than that; and for those who do not like marzipan all that much they are not overwhelmingly 'almondy'.

Ingredients: Dates paste (24.4%) (Free From Sulphites), Pumpkin Seeds (19.5%),
Hemp Seeds (19.5%), Gluten Free Oats, Pea protein, Spirulina, ‘Marzipan’ flavour oil
*no nuts containing
Dark chocolate cover: Free-From 78% cocoa solid, cocoa butter, rice powder, nectar.
Light Green Cover: Cocoa butter, rice powder, coconut nectar, Matcha, Lemon oil

* Propylene Glycol, Water, Natural Identical Almond Flavouring

The Functional Food Company’s vegan, organic, low FODMAP, gluten and dairy-free IBsnacks are about the size of two 2p coins sandwiched together. Suitable for using as canape bases, or for dipping, in soups or salads, these are made primarily with gluten free oats and seeds, and fortified with pea protein. Vegan, organic, gluten, and dairy-free, the Functional Food Company have created these snacks for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, to support gut health. We review the Beet & Spice and Turmeric & Peppercorn, here, but there are two other flavours: Sweet Cinnamon & Zesty & Poppy.


Beet & Spice Seeds & Protein Bites:
Very pretty little dark pink bites, these crunchy snacks are made primarily with beetroot and are dotted with sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Perfect for canape bases, they wouldwork well topped with hummus and other flavoursome foods. The beetroot flavour could be stronger, though they are slightly sweet, and the cayenne is a nice warm hit.

Ingredients: Gluten free oats (23%), Quinoa (20%)
Flax seed (19%), Sunflower seeds, Pea protein,
Chia seeds, Beetroot, Cayenne pepper, Tricalcium
Phosphate, Water, Salt

ibsnack-turmericTurmeric & Peppercorn Seeds & Protein Bites:
Coloured a lovely golden yellowy-green by the turmeric which is a deliciously strong flavour in these bites, they have a slightly lighter texture than the beetroot variety. The turmeric and pepper bring a spicy warmth to the bites which would work very well with an avocado topping.

Ingredients: Gluten free oats (29%), Quinoa (23%), Flax seed (19%), Sunflower seeds, Pea protein, Chia seeds, Turmeric, Peppercorn, Tricalcium Phosphate, Water, Salt

The IBsnacks Seed and Protein Bites come in resealable packs of 100g for £3.50.


Macro Marz can be bought as a gift box of 9 truffles for approximately £11 or small snack pack of three.

Macro Marz and IBsnacks are available from the Functional Food website and from Stop My Craving and Not On The High Street. In store, they are available from Health Town Store and Peppercorn Health Store in West Hampstead, and Ice Box in Chesham.




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