Food Matters Live, ExCel, London, November 17-19th


Food Matters Live, now in its second year, brings together professionals from across the food and drink industry, nutrition and health to address one of the most important challenges of our time: the relationship between food, health, nutrition and their connections with the environment, population health and wellbeing.

This year, freefrom and naturally freefrom foods were spread across the whole show, with companies showcasing clean label products across Sustainable Edibles, Innovative Ingredients, and the Enterprise Zone and including companies from all over Europe.

Wandering round the huge show, it was easy to see the increase in clean label (no chemical additives) products, and almost all the new products being sampled and exhibited were naturally freefrom. This means that though they are not labelled as 'dairy free' or 'egg-free' etc, these products were clearly making efforts to be free from as many allergens as possible. If you want to know about what else we were up to at Food Matters Live, read Michelle's blog, but for FOOD, scroll down...

Cooks' ingredients:

Our House of Spice make gluten free spice kits for Tarka Daal, Onion Bhajis, Aloo Gobi and many more Indian dishes.

Spiced by Rayeesa make frozen gluten free Indian curry sauces.

Rawco Food make extra virgin coconut oil, coconut flour and coconut amino sauce which can be used as a soya & gluten free alternative to soya sauce.

Cookie Mix make wheat, dairy, egg & soya free cookie mixes to which you just add water. And bake. Or not - one of them is Raw.

More Than Meat make egg and dairy free meat free burgers and casseroles, full of protein and no cholesterol!

Mara Seaweed create seaweed seasonings that you can sprinkle onto your foods like pepper, that bring nutrients from the sea to your plate, easy peasy!

Caulirice make ready to eat gluten free cauliflower grains designed to replace rice, pasta or potatoes for people who cannot eat those carbs.

Snack foods:

Mighty Bee - coconut products including coconut jerky, dried and flavoured with spices, and one variety also has cricket flour for extra protein!

Munchy Seeds have been making nutritious seed mixes for snacking, topping salads, porridges and soups for a long time, and they get better all the time, so good, in fact, that they now coat apricots in chocolate.

Yushoi make high-protein snappy rice sticks that look like peas, and are now becoming gluten free.

Rysp make baked rye sourdough crisps - wheat and dairy free in 3 flavours - garlic & rosemary, carraway & black pepper, and dulse (seaweed) & sesame seeds.

Qnola - quinoa-based sweet breakfast granolas and an unusual savoury variety with tamari, turmeric, reishi, rosemary, basil, nutritional yeast, alfalfa, cashew parmesan, chia, sunflower and pumkin seeds.

Olly Bars make, yes, The All Day Breakfast Olly Bar. Gluten & dairy free and vegan. And Olly (Real Person) has the most amazing moustache.

Luke's Organic make really freefrom chips from ancient and nutritious grains.

Wild Thing Paleo make organic paleo bars from nuts and seeds.

9bar make freefrom snack bars and have had a fabulous makeover, and still taste gorgeus too. After all, it is about what's on the inside too.

Fit Fits are gluten free fruit and nut 'bars' althought they're round - fun!

Superfoodio send gluten, dairy & refined sugar free snack boxes to your door.

Diablo Sugar Free make low sugar and no sugar chocolate and confectionery.


Primal Joy Foods, winner of the Breakfast category for 2014 & 2015, make freefrom granolas as well as bars and brownies, Paleo-style.

Louola's - quinoa-based sweet breakfast granolas in three varieties.

Mornflake produce gluten free oat cereals of all kinds.


iQ Superfood Chocolates make superfood chocolate freefrom all 14 allergens, and over 20 health claims!

Ombar make dairy free chocolate (you wouldn't know) and are launching new Ombar Centres, for goodness' sake, just when you thought it couldn't GET any creamier...

Booja Booja make dairy free truffles - you MUST know them by now! Mister Booja Booja also says useful things, like: 'Love, even when everything is pressing you to be less'.

The Raw Food Co make love-based dairy free chocolates, covering berries with their smooth chocolate too. Indulgent.

Desserts & puddings:

Perfect World - coconut-based ice creams: banana walnut chip, chocolate, strawberry and carrot cake flavours avaiulable so far, though they were sampling a salted caramel ice cream at the show...

The Nude Spoon - coconut-based ice creams: salted caramel, coffee, ginger and chocolate flavours available so far...

Nana Nice Cream - banana-based ice cream, launching in 2016 WATCH THIS SPACE! Flavours available banana & vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry...

There were lots of natural drinks & juices:

Camels Milk UK - the UK's only supplier of fresh camel milk, they also sell flavoured fresh camel milk and powdered and frozen camel milk products.

Fentimans make gluten free alcoholic ginger beer and other naturally freefrom soft drinks and mixers. We loved their Rose Lemonade....

Love Beet make British beetroot-based juices, one with cherry & blackberry.

B-Fresh cold-press their wide range of juices made with fruits and vegetables.

BLK make alkaline fulvic trace mineral infused water - spring water and fulvic minerals are all it contains.

CocoFace make coconut water, cold brew coffee and coconut milk - they also supply young fresh coconuts to your door with handy gadgets for getting the fresh water and meat out.

Cinnamora make a cinnamon drink with just sucralose and citric acid - cinnamon: unexpectedly good for lots of things!

Coco Indulgence make coconut milk smoothies in fruity flavours.

Smootheelicious deliver frozen fruit and veg packs to your door for instant frozen smoothies (for retail and foodservice)


Findlater's Fine Foods make bake-in-pack gluten & wheat free breads, and some award-winning loaves such as a tiger bloomer, oated cob and white farmhouse.

Future products - launching in 2016:

4some health make plant-based, protein superseed smoothies

Ygia Sugar Free make all natural, sugar free, stevia sweetened pastry mixes for catering, and chocolate mousse and vanilla cream for retail.

Fervena make cultured dairy free yoghurt-like coconut products.

Next year's show - 22nd-24th November 2016, ExCel.