Ruth of WhatAllergy?'s FreeFrom Food Awards 2017 winners


Everyone’s a winner… but for me, it was all about the clean freefrom; so many products entering are freefrom the top 14, making them accessible to so many of the allergic community. Oh and those amazing pasties. Read on to find out how to get your hands on those…

The FreeFrom Food Awards (and Eating Out and SkinCare) have become a firm and favourite part of my life now for four years and it is so exciting to see them growing year on year.


2017 marked the 10th anniversary and my first highlight – the memorial handbook – a lovely momento to remember the occasion, with entries on every winner and features on all the judges and organisers. I am dead chuffed to have a whole page all to myself.  Something I shall keep, cherish and refer to.

You can see all the winners on the Awards website but sometimes my winners are not those who get chosen for a Gold medal. Everyone’s a winner for caring, entering and creating such amazing products. Thank you all. These awards are a superb way for all of us to say ‘thank you’ and for those companies who tick all the boxes to get the praise and reward they deserve.

Here are my favourites from 2017

  • Bfree I wholeheartedly support the overall winners – Bfree have been freefrom all the top 14 allergens for years and a firm favourite of mine. For years they provided me a sneaky little lunch at the Allergy Show when I was speaking at the show, just one of the perks of being a blogger and judge. No one would guess their Sweet potato wraps were freefrom all the major allergens. They taste amazing and perform just like a normal wrap!
  • Nairns didn’t bag a gold in the awards this year but they are still one of my favourite brands. My handbag is rarely without a pack of Oats and Syrup oat cakes or the new Biscuit Breaks range which are just as good as any normal biscuit and a real treat. Well done Nairns
  • Foraging Fox have really changed my enjoyment of breakfast, pasta, gravy and pretty much anything I can get away with adding it to. Having a mild allergy to tomato means I can’t enjoy normal ketchup and have to avoid so many sauces and other freefrom products. Thank you Foraging Fox for the beetroot ketchup.
  • Marvellously Munchable crackers are just so delicious – winners of the Down the Pub snack award they were also very popular with the other judges. Another product I was surprised I could eat so thank you for avoid so many allergens! It was also a pleasure to meet the creators of these amazing crunchy biscuits and congratulate them in person.
  • Asda – really giving Tesco a run for their money. It’s fantastic to see the big supermarkets all upping their game. It really is so much easier to find healthy, tasty freefrom and so much choice. I shop in Tesco regularly now and can get most of the things I need but Asda are catching up. Watch out Tesco! Asda are coming to get you! If you haven’t tried Asda’s range, check out the gingerbread men, orange chocolate buttons, gluten free muesli and brownie mix! Lovely to catch up with the girls from Asda, who I met at the Allergy Blog Awards earlier in the year. Well done ladies and gent!
  • Greens for all their beers really but especially this year’s Dubbel beer, made with sorghum and yet still stands up against normal barley and wheat ales. I enjoyed a bottle of this at the awards party.
  • West Cornwall Pasty Company – my all-time outstanding favourites. These guys were my taken home life changer from this year’s awards. So who is coming for pasty with me? They sell their gluten and dairy free pasties at many London train stations. Check the website and make sure you phone and give them an hour’s notice so they can defrost and cook your pasty to perfection and have it ready, warm and waiting for you when you arrive

So who is coming for pasty with me? Let’s have a freefrom day out in London, starting with a wholesome pasty breakfast at Marylebone station. Who’s in? Picnic in a park? Come on. You know you want to. Message me or visit my blog if you’re interested and we’ll fix a date!

(Ruth and Catherine Rose of Sweetcheeks planning their picnic in the park...)