FEEL FREE for Gluten Free's mini donuts

Feel Free for Gluten Free


Flushed with the glory of winning the Tea Time! category at the FreeFrom Food Awards 2015 for their gluten-free donuts, FEEL FREE For Gluten Free have only gone and created a mini-donut!

Launching this month in 250 selected Tesco stores, and made to the same recipe as their larger donut, the minis will be sold in packs of ten available in the frozen freefrom aisle. Made in Feel Free for Gluten Free's own newly-acquired dedicated gluten free manufacturing site in Worthing, the mini donuts are reassuringly freefrom.

The mini donuts are made to the same recipe as the larger, award-winning donuts, but being smaller are better for children and can be taken along to parties, or defrosted quickly as an after school treat on a windy day. Our panel got to sample a box, and here is what they thought.

The mini donuts can be eaten straight from the box (defrosted first!) or heated up in the microwave. Eaten cold, they are a little crumbly, and heated up they are soft and squishy and quite greasy (in a perfect, fresh-from-the-deep-fat-fryer way). They reminded us so much of the donuts you get from little shacks on the beach in Cornwall after a cold, rainy surf, before you head up the sand to where the hot cocoa is being sold... "We haven't had a donut in four years!' was the cry from one taster, and if Feel Free for Gluten Free could make them without milk powder they'd be dairy free too! Now there's a new challenge. Good work though, these donuts are VERY popular amongst the gluten free community.

Gluten free flour [potato starch, sugar, vegetable oils (palm oil, fully hydrogenated palm oil), whole milk powder, raising agents: diphosphates, sodium carbonates, calcium phosphates, glucono delta-lactone; thickeners: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, xanthan gum; salt, natural vanilla flavouring, rice starch, emulsifiers: polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, mono- & di- glycerides of fatty acids; emzyme], water, whole egg, sugar. Dusting (glucose, cornflour, vegetable oil). Allergens in bold

Feel Free for Gluten Free's mini donuts cost £1.50 for a box of ten, and are currently available from 250 Tesco stores nationwide.