Doves Farm Flapjacks


Doves Farm have launched six gluten, milk, peanut, egg and soya free flapjacks. Baked in their dedicated gluten, milk, peanut, egg and soya free Wiltshire bakery, the flapjacks do not contain processed crystal sugar, and are dairy free so contain sustainable palm oil, sourced from certified Colombian farms where wildlife and habitats are protected.


Agave Nectar: oats*, agave nectar*, palm oil*, acacia gum*, salt. 

This one is nice and soft but the lack of fruit makes it firmer than the others (not a bad/good thing - just different), and it is, surprisingly for being agave, not too sweet.

Apple & Sultana: oats*, agave nectar*, acacia gum*, palm oil*, apple*6%, sultanas*6%, salt. 

Excellent taste of real apple balanced well with the plump, juicy sultanas - this was a great combination where one could really see (taste!) the difference it makes when real fruits have been used.

Apricot and chia seed: oats*, agave nectar*, apricots*12%, palm oil*, acacia gum*, chia seeds*4%, salt. 

Banana & Hemp: oats*, banana*24%, agave nectar*, palm oil*, acacia gum*, hemp seeds*3%, salt. 

We all rather groaned at this flavour – banana 'flavouring' can be rather strong – however we are delighted to report that this flapjack has is made with real banana, which balances with the soft textured oats and crunchy hemp seeds - it is an absolute treat.

Chocolate chip: oats*, agave nectar*, chocolate chips*12% (cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, natural cocoa powder*) palm oil*, acacia gum*, salt. Chocolate contains 70% cocoa solids minimum. 

A really luscious, almost succulent, flapjack, with lots of chocolate chips. A satisfying snack!

Fig & Linseed: oats*, agave nectar*, fig*12%, palm oil*, acacia gum*, linseed*4%, salt.
This variety is not too heavy, sweet or fatty, which is lovely, and not too aggressively flavoured – and has a lovely fig seed crunch.

Dietary and allergen information:
gluten free, we test for gluten, milk, peanut, egg and soya.


The flapjacks cost 69p for a 35g bar, and can be bought from Doves Farm online, as well as from Ocado where a pack of 4 flapjacks costs £2.49