D & D Chocolates

D & D

D & D Chocolate have launched the first Everyday Range for Dairy Free Chocolate. Including 50g and 100g bar of dairy, egg, gluten and wheat free chocolate in new funky brown and cream packaging, costing £1.25 and £2.45 respectively.

The 20 foil-wrapped chocolate flower shapes are 4cm flowers, really beautiful and detailed roses, carnations, ox-eye daisies, daffodils and... um... a generic flower we couldn't identify! These would make fantastic afterdinner treats for grown ups, and dairy free kids would probably spend hours unwrapping and playing with them (and not eating because they're so pretty!). £5.75 for a pack of 20

The chocolate animal shapes include cats, rabbits, elephants, bears, all products are gluten and dairy free and vegan.

The chocolate drops are more like discs, embossed with a four-petalled flower emblem. £1.99 for 70g.

The chocolate chips are a perfect size for making chocolate chip cookies or for enhancing a chocolate cake, and remove the need to bash up a dairy free chocolate bar with a rolling pin to make unsatisfactory homemade chocolate chips! £2.99 for 160g

Available to buy online, 100g bar is £2.45, 50g bar is £1.25, chocolate chips are £2.99, chocolate drops are £1.99 for 70g and the animal shapes are £6.89 for 120g of individually foil wrapped chocolate shapes.