The Allergy & FreeFrom Show Scotland, Glasgow,
March 11-12

Allergy Show Scotland

Sponsored again for 2017 by Genius Gluten Free, the Allergy & FreeFrom Show Scotland took place at the SECC Glasgow next door to the Cycling and Outdoors Show.

If you haven't visited the Allergy & Free From Show you really do need to come along (see future events here) because they showcase products and companies that can help you along on your often complicated and daunting freefrom journey. The Learning Zone features experts on coeliac disease, allergy, eczema, FODMAPs. The Anaphylaxis Campaign had a bumper crop of enquiries and sign ups, and CEO Lynne Regent was in the Learning Zone herself talking about suport available for those with anaphylaxis.

Doves Farm

At the centre was the Doves Farm zone, which they lovingly refer to as 'The Womb' since it is warm, safe and full of potential! Inside the womb, yoga classes (see Michelle taking part here!), cooking classes, Q&A sessions and meetings with the Doves Farm experts took place - and many visitors rested from the hectic green freefrom corridors in this the calm oasis.


Considerit Chocolate

Considerit bespoke chocolatier makes actual milk-free cream eggs with a proper fondant centre, as well as truffle bars and other treats. Here they are with their range, not including their giant cream eggs for £19! Do you DARE!?

Freedom Confectionery

Freedom Confectionery featuring Cedric have created a hot chocolate & mini marshmallow pack in collaboration with So Cacao (see below) for a milk-free gluten-free vegan bedtime treat!


Cocoa Libre were showcasing their lovely freefrom chocolates in pretty new boxes with windows, and their new raspberry slabs.


Crazy4Cocoa's multiple allergen free handmade Belgian chocolates great variety including orange & cointreau ganache, honeycomb rocks, heart lollies, mint thins– you get the picture. Available online they also do Easter Eggs.

Pacari Chocolate

Here are the lovely Pacari Chocolate with some bean-to-bar freefrom (nut, soya, milk, gluten) organic, vegan, Kosher chocolate! Passion fruit chocolate? YES please!

Delicious Alchemy

Delicious Alchemy had a cosy, warmly-colourful stand, where the staff were chatting all things freefrom recipes and mixes and showing off the versatility of the range with their pre-baked goods to sample.


Last year’s FAIR Trophy winners Nutri-Brex were serving up bowls of their
award-winning breakfast bix with alternative milks, raspberries and blueberries – creating a wonderfully cheerful start to the day.

New company Quinoa Crack make cereal from only quinoa – lovely crunchy little puffed quinoa pieces, with retro-superhero style pictures on their packaging!

BFree’s new Oaty Loaf – essentially a 14 allergen-free Irish sodabread-a-like – is also magically freefrom yeast and pea protein – which are both problem-causing additives common in bread. Nearly available from their website and various other places.
Tesco FF Tasting Lounge

Tesco Free From ran their first ever 'tasting lounge' at the Allergy Show (below) - and it was a roaring success! Customers were a selection of served Tesco's ten new freefrom ready meals whilst sitting at lovely little round tables - what a fab way to introduce the public to the range!

And at their stall Tesco were sampling lots from their Free From range including their new freefrom 'cheeses', plain crackers, desserts including banoffee, and out the back a small hatch served hot chicken katsu curry....

Dr Schar were another stand doing a roaring trade, selling their gluten-free pizzas!


Green's Gluten Free Beers

Green’s Gluten Free Beers were showcasing their Tripel & Dubbel, both entered into the #FFFA17 and past years' winners. Naturally gluten-free (barley-free as opposed to barley containing and then deglutenised) these two beers are examples of the as yet very few naturally freefrom beers on the market.

Daura Damm

Daura Damm were offering tastes of both their dark Daura Marzen and their original gluten free lager, also both entered into the #FFFA17 and past years' winners.

Middleton Foods

Middleton Foods supply gluten-free batter mixes and gravy to the trade, providing the fish & chip market with 50 tons of gluten-free batter a year... Lovely jolly chaps, they cooked fish and chips for the Allergy Show visitors, with queues 'round the clock, round the block'!

All About Patisserie – bespoke freefrom cakes, catering, classes, retail and home patisserie products – they do it all.

Spice Pots make ready to use gluten-free spice mixes for endless curry possibilities as well as a sweet spice mix that can be used in baking or maybe a spicy coconut ice cream.

The wonderfully colourful Heck Food with their innovative and ever-expanding range of gluten-free and some milk-free meat products incuding a family pack of 10 bangers, their square burgers and chicken sausages.

Middleton FoodsAuntie Mo’s focus on vegan baking means that this beautiful jar of cookie mix is a fantastic present for a dairy allergic or vegan friend, or they do sell the mixes in brown bags for you to make at home and scoff…

Green Sisters sampled their gluten-free egg-free vegetarian samosas - available in bundles of 3 & 5, party platters or in larger amounts for special occasions - and also carried out couple of cookery demos - High Protein Indian Curry!

Eskal Foods – who’ve been supplying freefromers with the best of Australian freefrom for years – were selling everything from gluten-free ice cream cones to nut-free peanut butter.

Lovemore gluten-free range was on sale with their custard creams, offering excellent show deals on all products, so make sure you come along to the next one to scoop up some tasty biscuit bargains!

Nairn's Oatcakes

Nairn’s Oatcakes – the very heart of Scotland – sold out of their oatcake range and their new gluten-free Astro Bites and Snackers.

Koko Dairy Free

Koko Dairy Free were ferrying samples to their stand all weekend until midday on Sunday their shelves were empty! There has been a large rise in veganism - 360% from 2006-16 according to the Vegan Society - and couple this with an increase in those avoiding dairy products becaue of possible intolerance to dairy, and you have a rise in demand for dairy-free alternatives to milk, yoghurt, butter, cream etc. Koko Dairy Free make coconut milks (plain and flavoured), oil, yoghurt (plain and flavoured), and a dairy-free spreadable 'butter'.

Secret Sausages

Another company capitalizing on the rise in veganism – beautifully packaged Secret Sausages, made from only vegetables (oh and one has cheese in), a delicious alternative to meat sausages.


Not so much the vegans, Voakes Free From were just behind our stand, sampling and selling some really tasty pies such as the pork, chicken & stuffing pie, the pork & black pudding pie, and I treated myself to a marvellous milk, wheat and gluten-free sausage roll!

Seriously Good Venison were serving hot gluten-free pies and sausage rolls at their stall. They also sell chilled venison sausages, burgers and venison black pudding, which are free from all 14 EU-listed allergens except sulphites.


Kirsty’s have rolled their freefrom ready meals out into more Morrisons stores, and by the end of the show had entirely sold out their stock of Kids Kitchen ready meals, and grown up ready meals too!


Isabel's sampled their Yorkshire pudding mix and doughnut mix, and also selling gravy granules, her fantastic dough balls (pão de queijo) mix, gluten-free ingredients such as xanthan gum, baking powder and a baking fix to aid your gluten-free baking.

Nothing But Snack

Nothing But (below with photo-bomber) were showcasing their range of freeze dried vegetable and fruit snacks including tasty NEW apple & fig combo! Available online, these make perfect lunch box snacks.

Rana's Artisan Bakery

Rana's Artisan Bakery's (below) excellent, simple mixes (just add water) result in tasty loaves with a proper crust and crumb: New Italian (sold out), Nearly Rye, Bold Buckwheat, Super Sourdough, Ingenious Flat Bread and limited edition Winter Spice, a lovely soft dark mix – all currently available online.

So Gud have teamed up with various experts including a university to develop recipes based on the highest nutitional standards - and the result is that they now make nutrient-dense oat, nut and seed chewy squares, free from not only gluten or dairy but also processed sugars.

Future FreeFrom:

In Vodka Veritas yes – allergen free vodkas flavoured with all sorts, and a vegan (yes, dairyfree) tablet (fudge-type treat)! Not yet available nationwide.

Chocolate Greetings cards from ChocMotif – who wouldn’t want to receive a chocolate card in the post? Well good news - a milk-free card is in development!

So - now you can come along and experience the Allergy & FreeFrom Shows here:

Berlin - 17-18 June, STATION
London - 7-9 July, Olympia
Liverpool - 4-5 November, Exhibition Centre
Glasgow - 10-11 March, SECC (2018)