The Allergy & FreeFrom Show London, Olympia,
July 7-9

Allergy Show London Olympia

Bigger, better, hotter (although mercifully better air-conditioned this year) and ‘cooler’…. that about describes both this year’s Allergy Show and the FreeFrom sector in general.

Sponsored again by Dr Schar, the show now fills the Grand Hall at Olympia and although it happily co-locates with the Just V show, the Love Natural Love You show and this year the Eat Smart show, it is the freefrom section that dominates. Both existing companies and new ones creating ‘naturally' freefrom and ‘specially created’ freefrom products. And ranging from essential staples to the boutique, expensive worthily belabelled (paleo, organic, fairtrade, raw etc) posh foods only available from high end shops.

So definitely bigger. But better?

Despite periodic complaints from allergy mums on social media, there is a very significant growth in the number of products aiming to exclude not just gluten and dairy, but gluten, dairy, egg, soya and nuts and many excluding all 14 major allergens. Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s between them have launched approximately 500 new freefrom foods in the last year alone, and we know of many smaller companies such as Ugo Foods who are bending over backwards to find ways to make a successful gluten, wheat, egg, nut & dairy-free everything! And yes, most of it it very good indeed. Not always perfect but much of it is very experimental and it takes time to get experiments right.

Because I have so much to report on, for now I am going to leave aside those companies that you already know about, and the amazing products they are bringing out (for more on this stay tuned to our updates for regular news of the latest freefrom foods to market) and focus on the new companies that we found gracing the green, pink, blue and black corridors of Olympia Grand.



'Epic veggie eating for humans' - so say Oumph! Four varieties of gluten, dairy and nut-free soybean protein that functions almost undetectably as meat... Try the pulled 'pork' or fillet, and see if your guests can taste the difference!

Orwell Health

Orwell organic gluten-free soybean pasta, made with yellow, green or black beans... Made from soya grown in Russia. Available online.

The Toasted Seed Co

The Toasted Seed Company make a wide range of gluten-free seed mixes, including a hemp mix and ground hemp mix. The mixes are high in amino acids and omega oils. Available online.

The Precious Pod

The Precious Pod make dairy & wheat-free houmous in different varities: rose harissa, turmeric, smoked, red pepper, kalamata and the classic. All organic, they are available online.

Nutcrafter Creamery

Nutcrafter Creamery make gorgeous cheese-board standard dairy-free cashew-based cheeses - using flvaours such as seaweed, tomato, fresh chive, peppercorn, air-smoked chipotle, and roasted garlic... They also make buttah - creamy, salty alternative to - yes, you've guessed it - butter. Available online.

Whole Creations

Whole Creations make ready-to-eat frozen and fresh gluten-free pizzas & garlic bread, as well as dairy-free ice cream cones and ice creams. Available from various retailers.

Ready Raw

Ready Raw make wheat, gluten, dairy & nut-free organic sprouted bagels and mini bagel chips. Available online.

Just Milk

Just Milk make a lactose-free milk, which like other lactose-free products is not actually lactose-free but has added lactose, the enzyme needed to digest the lactose sugars. Lactase is the enzyme many of us are missing which makes milk undigestible. Available from various stores.

Co Fro make dairy & soya-free, vegan, coconut frozen dessert - in natural & matcha green tea flavours. A very newly launched product, Co Fro is available currently from  Pitch Coffee in London.
Dona Rita

Dona Rita's naturally gluten-free Pão de Queijo are a staple of Brazil: made from cassava flour, they are crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Available online.

Toyin's Kitchen

Toyin's Kitchen make gluten, dairy, lactose & nut-free ready meals - chicken coconut and chickpea & spinach curries - as well as jars of their sauce made from tomatoes and sweet peppers. Also low sugar, fat & salt, available SOON online.

Latino Gourmet

Latino Gourmet's Nnova Rice is a range of rice-based gluten-free, Kosher premixes and pastas, both for foodservice and retail. The pasta comes in handy 5kg boxes! The premixes include pancakes, bread, cookies, brownies and cake. Available online.

Magic Candy Factory

Magic Candy Factory can print you your own 3D gummy candy, and they also have a wide range of freefrom sweets to pick and mix: gluten, dairy, nut-free, vegan and vegetarian gummy, jelly, sour, yoghurt candies, and many more. Available online.

AlevraAlevra have developed gluten-free flours and mixes over many years, and recently launched their gluten-free white bread mix, which also manages to be egg and dairy-free. Available online.
Nairn's Oatcakes

My Gammie's launched their 14 allergen-free range of baked goods at the show, although the mother and daughter-led team have been refining their freefrom expertise for the last four years. The range includes bread loaves, baguettes, rolls, cakes, cupcakes, and brownies. Currently only delivering to Waltham Forest area...

Elizabeth D Bakes

Elizabeth D Bakes make a variety of gluten-free, vegan cakes, including carrot cake, stollen and brownies. Available online.

Essential Vegan

Essential Vegan make artisan nut cheese with a cultured cashew base - dairy-free, raw and gluten-free aged smoked nut and garlic & chives. Available online.

Grass Roots Bakery

The Grass Roots Bakery make a range of organic, wheat, gluten and dairy-free bread mixes that can be made up dairy and egg-free. Gift boxes and packs can be ordered online.

La Cremerie

La Crèmerie introduced the UK's first dairy-free rice-based yoghurt - made with cultures to include probiotics associated with conventional yoghurt - in interesting flavours including basil and espresso! Currently available across London.

Wadworth 6X Gold gluten-free

Wadworth's new gluten-free 6X gold is Coeliac UK-accredited, a hoppy, refreshing ale - sounds good for summertime! Available online.

Zims Tribe

Zims Tribe make extraordinarily tasty freefrom saucy marinades with a tribal gathering of herbs, spices and fresh vegetables to create a wonderful depth of flavour that lingers long after the swallow... Mild, medium, hot and extra hot chilli sauce can be dolloped on top of a piece of fish, or used to marinade meat and vegetables.

Strong Roots

Strong Roots make a range of frozen vegetable products including gluten-free, oven-baked, rice-flour-coated sweet potatoes, roasted with garlic, and dairy-free, vegan-friendly kale & quinoa burgers. Available from various stockists nationwide.

The Raw Bake Station

The Raw Bake Station make raw, vegan, gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free goodies, using mostly nuts! Including brownies, coconut 'bounty'-style bars, lemon slices, orange slices, mint slices with greens, salted caramel truffles and more... Available online.

Rana's Artisan Bakery


And last but so very important for the freefrom market, Sans Gluten Freedom make very tasty gluten, nut, & wheat-free cake-to-go in individual portions - look out for these in cafes and shops near you very soon! Flavours include lemon & poppyseed, raspberry, thyme & white chocolate, and dark chocolate and orange. Available online soon...


So - now you can come along and experience the Allergy & FreeFrom Shows here:

Liverpool - 4-5 November, Exhibition Centre
Glasgow - 3-4 March, SECC (2018)