The Allergy & FreeFrom Show London, Olympia,
July 8-10

Allergy Show London

In spite of competing with Wimbledon, the Grand Prix and train & tube line closures, the Allergy & FreeFrom Show, sponsored by Schar, proved to be another great success over the weekend! Check out Michelle's Blog for more gossip.

More stalls than ever before spread out over the Just V Show, Love Natural, Love You and the Allergy & FreeFrom Show, there was more variety and more innovation than ever before.

Since the last Allergy Show we have had the FreeFrom Food Awards 2016, as well as the new FreeFrom Food Awards Germany & Ireland, and winners & entrants from all three awards were showing their winning products.

Some of the rather exciting and innovative new products on offer were:

rhythm-healthRhythm Health's dairy free coconut sauerkraut and kale - basically FULL of probiotics as it is cultured coconut cream with sauerkraut and kale, made using traditional kefir grains - this is a very unusual product, and a wonderful bright green colour. A very tasty 'fermented food snack'. These guys also send their products out using frozen water bottles so you can drink the ice blocks instead of just dumping them - very clever indeed.

Gusto Nero's gluten free Black Jasmine Rice Pasta comes as spaghetti, penne, fusilli & macaroni - a beautiful black pasta - not tasted yet...

Ananda Foods make gelatine free marshmallows AND vegan Wagon Wheels which I ananda-soya-milkremember reviewing for Foods Matter a long time ago! Ananda Foods also sell dairy free condensed milk made from soya - unbelievably tasty and VERY like the dairy version!

The FFFA's overall winners Nutri-brex (formerly Nutribix) were showing off their new name, new packaging and new gluten free Coconut & Crispy rice Nutri-brex - the crispy rice means these cereal biscuits keep even crunchier for even longer!

goshAnd the first of many 14 allergen free products on show - we welcome Gosh Free From, makers of deeply flavoursome freefrom vegetarian burgers, bites and bakes.

And it was great to meet Fodify Foods, makers of FODMAP-friendly sauces - gluten, dairy, garlic and onion free Italian and Inidan sauces. FODMAP-friendly foods are becoming more widely available - read more about FODMAPs here.

COYO - first bringers of coconut yoghurt to our shores have launched a new Salted Caramel yoghurt - perfect for a lightly naughty pudding!

CELIA have just launched their organic, gluten free lager in a can, and are also rolling celiaout their draught gluten free lager in very select eateries... more information coming soon.

Created by two fine art graduates, the Muffin Makery's 14 allergen free Muffin mixes are packaged very beautifully indeed and have a fine taste to match with recipes options on pack.

New company Meringue O'Mania makes little gluten free meringue biscuits in 42 different flavours - just perfect for fine dining after dinner sweets, these are very light and moreish.

And Free From Italy introduces their Cheeky Monkey peanut butter puffs - no sampling allowed at the show but they are gluten free and look a bit like Wotsits!

Ice cream makers Jollyum reported their best Show ever, selling more of their delicious dairy free soya-based ice cream flavours than ever... word has clearly got out!

frillNew rich dairy free frozen smoothies from Frill include a green one with avocado, spinach, celery and basil! As well as Intense Chocolate and Bursting Berries. Just delicious.


Linwoods new range of gluten and dairy free 'Snackettes' come in spicy tomato, banana & coconut and super seed - good for on the go protein munching!

Well & Truly's Gazpacho in the Bottle to go with its gluten free Tortilla Chips make another perfect on the go snack!

KIND Snacks, makers of very nutty, delicious snack bars, launched another new flavour, Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond.

Asda's new freefrom products included the gluten free butterscotch slices and choco snaps breakfast cereal, with their multiseed bread and tigerbread coming into stores next week.

Bute Island's new offerings included a delightfully sweet/tart Wensleydale style cheese with cranberries, and a Caramelised Red Onion Cheddar - their range is enormous now!

As is the freefrom range of another dairy free cheese creator, Violife, who was sampling their new Blu, Feta-style and After Dinner with Cranberries.

pollys-pantryTucked away in the corner we found Polly's Pantry which we discovered in our local Budgen's in north London months ago - so it was brilliant to see her at the show, selling her daughter Mollie's gingerbread people with the broadest smiles I've ever seen! Mollie's Kitchen gingerbread people are freefrom wheat, gluten, dairy & nuts.

Really Healthy Pasta sampled their new oats and flour products, as well as their ridiculously colourful range of single-ingredient pastas.

Bfree's product 'du jour' just has to be their new Sweet Potato wraps - 14 allergen free, bfreethese are wonderfully flexible, nutritious and slightly sweet.

Wellaby's have developed a tasty, wholesome new gluten free snack, Simple Bakes in three flavours - they must be tasty - Wellaby's sold out of samples!

Cocoa Libre were showcasing their lovely freefrom chocolates in pretty new boxes with windows.

Daura Damm were offering tastes of their new dark Daura Marzen and their lager in the lovely new labels.

Dean's melt in the mouth gluten free shortbread comes in Choc Chip, All Butter and Stem Ginger & Choc Chip varieties.

altiplanoFrom Vintage Roots, a deglutenised blonde-style beer made from quinoa, Altiplano, with a lovely light, lagery feel - perfect for enjoying in the sun (Oh! where did it go?).

Amy's Kitchen's new freefrom Manhattan Veggie Burger was served on a special show mini-bap made by Just Gluten Free Bakery, and Amy's also sampled their new freefrom Quinoa, Kale and Red Lentil Soup - yes I did go back for seconds.

Squirrel Sisters were sampling their raw snack bars - with squirrels on the packs! Vegan, paleo and gluten free, in four flavours including Cacao Orange & Raspberry Ripple.

Kirsty's Kids Kitchen range of freefrom ready meals is available in Morrisons, and if you want them available near you then pester your local supermarkets to stock the range: sausage casserole, salmon & cod pie, Moroccan chicken and other fantastic meals just perfect for hungry freefrom children.

Nutural World has rebranded to bring a new elegance to their nut butter labels - the dairynutural-world-pistachio free Pistachio Butter was particularly good, but there are also nuts butters blended with figs and dates.

Wild Thing have launched a range of corn cakes in very enticing flavours! Coming soon... stay tuned.

From Across the Oceans have a large range of gluten free pasta, no details yet, more soon!

Naturbit UK's gluten free brand Mimen includes pastas, mixes, crumb etc made from nutritionally rich millet, buckwheat, chickpea and cassava. The mixes are ready to go - just add oil & water.

Rana's Artisan Bakery were sampling their excellent 14 allergen free bread mixes (just add water) that result in a very tasty loaf with a proper crust and crumb: Nearly Rye, Bold Buckwheat, Super Sourdough, Double Ingenious Flat Bread and more – and they are also now selling ready baked loaves!

tescoTesco Free From's most exciting new product is the gluten, wheat and milk free cheese nachos... Yes, you read right, which they were sampling with Christine Bailey's wonderful mango dip - an exquisite freefrom pairing!

Heck sampled their gluten & dairy free sausages and burgers from beef and chicken, and had a second stand nearer the Just V Show sampling three different vegetarian sausages, one of which, Super Green, is vegan and very tasty!

Nairn's are adding to their range a gluten free on the go Breakfast Biscuit, Super Seeded Organic Oat Cakes and beautifully packaged Oat Crackers.

Perkier have added this wonderfully green gluten, wheat & dairy free Coconut & Chia bar to their snacking quinoa bar range.perkier

Garbanzo make gluten free chickpea snacks, 'garbanzo' meaning chickpea in, erm, Spanish? Lots of different flavours to suit every palate.

Creative Nature is launching their new allergen free Organic Chia Brownie and Muffin mixes with allergen free recipes on the pack - with precisely what & how much to use in place of egg, to keep these allergen free.

And my favourite gluten free sweet makers Candy Kittens were sampling their range with a new vegan pineapple sweet.

rule of crumbFreeFrom Food Awards Ireland winners Rule of Crumb were showcasing their gluten free range - particularly these fine looking gluten free Salted Caramel & Chocolate profiteroles.



Riso Gallo have launched a new 3 cereali gluten free rice cake.riso-gallo

New company Nomad Health (just LOVE that name!) with their gluten free Superseed and Supergrain pastas.

Newburn Bakehouse have reformulated their gluten free Sandwich Thins recipe to be softer and lighter, and the packaging to be, well, more eyecatching! They've also launched a Breakfast Artisan Cob and a Seeded Sourdough Boule.

Mister Free'd introduced a newcomer to their range - wholegrain gluten free Tortillas.


The lovely Rebel Kitchen have launched a dairy free coconut yoghurt, and were sampling the cacao flavour alongside their delightfully pink young coconut water.



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