The Allergy & FreeFrom Show North, Liverpool, November 5-6


Doves Farm team happy in their show kitchen! (Photo thanks to the Allergy Show's Helen)

The Allergy & FreeFrom Show North 2016 sandwiched Liverpool’s spectacular River of Fire on Saturday night, to commemorate Guy Fawkes. At intervals from 4pm on Saturday the 5th November until about 7.30pm, the Mersey was flown over by light aircraft and illuminated by hundreds of fireworks – which we watched from our hotel room due to being soft Southerners whilst the tough Liverpudlians braved the cold and the crowds… The Show, sponsored by Dr Schar, was very well attended by an enthusiastic crowd of #freefromers, possibly some Pokemon champions and certainly some Liverpool FC fans!

Statistics for 2016: There were 11,727 visitors to the Allergy Show North, an 8% increase on 2015, spending on average 2.5 hours at the show, sampling and enquiring from the 121 exhibitors. 60% had never attended the Show before, and 96% said they are likely to return to the Show.

For more information about food allergy, sensitivity and intolerance, please visit:
Allergy UK
The Anaphylaxis Campaign
Coeliac UK


Overall Winners from FFFA 2016 Nutri-Brex were sampling their gluten-free breakfast bix – both the original winner and its sister variety the coconut & crispy rice bix…

Voakes Free From

Overall Winners from FFFA 2015 Voakes FreeFrom were showing off their gluten-free, milk-free and sometimes egg-free pies – as well as their incredible Anniversary Pies like this one – massive savoury pastries of joy and delight to freeze for Christmas or tuck into on a weekday evening.

Eat Real - Cofresh

Eat Real were sampling a wide range of vegan crisps with true dairy flavours: sour cream quinoa chips, white cheddar puffs and jalapeno & cheese puffs to satisfy any dairy craving! And these pretty multicoloured Veggie Straws.


Adam's Fresh Chocolate

Fantastic to meet a new and more fudge-like milk-free, gluten-free raw chocolate by Adams Fresh Chocolate – in four lovely flavours: goji & pistachio, banana & coconut, mint, and blackcurrant & hazelcurrant.

Too Good To Be.. Gluten-free

Too Good to be... Gluten Free generously gave out all their samples to pie-hungry gluten-avoiders by midday on the first day, so we didn’t get to taste them – but their gluten-free pies do look sublimely succulent!


Meet Whiteys Popcorn: a family-run business making gluten-free and milk-free variations in popcorn including scrumptious maplecorn (like toffee), cinnamon sweet and sweet chilli.

Primrose's Kitchen

Primrose’s Kitchen were sampling their new nut butters alongside their oats, granolas and breakfast cereals, please this pretty trio of organic superfood powders.

FEEl FREE for gluten free

Past FFFA winners FEEL FREE for Gluten Free were showing off their creativity with doughnuts – covering them in some delightful coloured icing and sprinkles, and also selling their pastries like this Traditional Pasty, alongside a curried version, as well as steak pies and party foods.


Heck were giving us small bites of their gluten-free and milk-free sausages and Zesty Chicken Burgers… Apparently their Zesty Chicken Sausages are their best seller! Who’dathunkit?! The zestiness certainly was evident in these bangers - a very refreshing sausage.

The Gluten Free Kitchen

I’m delighted to tell you about The Gluten Free Kitchen, pioneers in freefrom and previous winners of FFFA, who were showcasing their newly packaged gluten-free egg custard tarts & chocolate tarts, as well as their gluten-free & milk-free raspberry bakewells (yes please) and gluten-free shortcrust pastry.

Newburn Bakehouse

Long-timers Newburn Bakehouse by Warburtons sold out of their gluten-free, milk-free crumpets early on the Saturday, but not before I managed to snaffle a hot slice – you honestly would not know they were freefrom!

Debbie & Andrews

Debbie & Andrews have launched a gluten-free & milk-free chipolata for those who prefer a smaller sausage – and have something exciting in the pipeline which we will tell you about when we know... Stay tuned...


Yorica were on site selling cups and cones of milk-free, nut-free, gluten-free fro-yo and 'icecream' from their lovely little van – their café is in London but with a little encouragement they may be persuaded to branch out… Liverpool??


Crabbie’s is a familiar brand – but did you know their alcoholic ginger beers are gluten-free? As is their mulled wine? Available at the crafty end of the beer aisle in all good supermarkets.

Monty's Brewery

Monty’s Brewery showcased their new brew – award-winning gluten-free Dark Secret. Created by the Monty's Brewery staff after a challenge from their boss - it went straight out and won Bronze at the International Beer Challenge in Speciality Beers!


Thornleys have added a gluten & wheat-free Worcestershire sauce and gluten-free pasta in 300g, 500g and 1kg bags to their freefrom sauces range which includes chilli con carne & spaghetti carbonara.


Naturelly have redesigned their gluten-free vegan jelly juices with a funky new look! Fun treats for kids with no added sugar.

Make It Gluten Free

Make It Gluten Free have taken the sugar out of some of their mixes and encourage you to add in an alternative sweetener if you fancy it – try their gluten-free Poundcake Mix and Micah’s Mouthwatering Southern Style Corn Bread mix too.

Sainsbury's Deliciously Free From

Sainsbury’s were tasting their delicious milk-free caramelised onion ‘cheddar’ cheese, as well as their Wensleydale with cranberries – both made from coconuts and very convincingly cheesy. They’ve also launched a freefrom selfraising flour, gluten-free, milk-free, wheat-free chocolate brownies and much more in their Deliciously FreeFrom range.


Irish Baker Pure Bred Bakery have just added to their gluten-free, milk-free range: a sandwich thin called the ‘slimwich’ although it is thicker than the ones we are currently used to, and a superseeded six-slice loaf for ‘single-eater’ households to avoid mouldy bread issues. All products are low sugar too.

Cocoa Libre

Cocoa Libre were selling their very endearing freefrom chocolate animals as well as some lovely little Christmas chocolates - they've got LOTS more online!

Tesco Free From

Tesco brought out their fabulous freefrom bauble making kit – DIY edible Christmas tree decorations – so fabulous they got half-inched! As well as their gluten-free, milk-free & wheat-free spiced pear pies & mince pies, milk-free Christmas chocolate collection,  gluten-free berry cheesecake, chocolate Yule Log and freefrom party foods!

Delicious Alchemy

Delicious Alchemy were proving how easy vegan, freefrom cooking can be by eliminating even the egg from their cake mixes! Bring on the 14 allergenfree bakers! Bring on the vegans!

Moo Free

Moo Free Chocolates were showcasing their whole range and selling out fast of their milk-free, soya-free advent calendars – AND their chocolate Christmas selection packs.

The Free From Fairy

The Free From Fairy was sampling her wholegrain rice-free and gluten-free flour with some very pretty little star biscuits. The Fairy has also created a new wholegrain rice-free and gluten-free self-raising flour for easy, baking-powder-free morning pancakes!

Lovemore Free From Foods

More long-timers Lovemore FreeFrom have redesigned their packaging and were selling their gluten-free, wheat-free & milk-free double choc chip cookies – yes please –  tea time? Any time!


Fentimans have launched a new gluten-free spiced ginger beer, both refreshing and warming for the winter - we drank ours watching the fireworks explode over the Mersey...

Free From Italy

Free From Italy were showcasing all their wares including their excellent nut-free pesto.

Some other companies who were there or just visiting, but of whose products I failed to take any blurry photos:

Rachel’s Cake Delights who make vegan, gluten-free cakes with the lightest, moist crumb of any cupcake anywhere. Delicious!

Stuck for what to cook allergenfree? Launching at the show are Pure Family Food, with a library of recipes, and meal planners which generate shopping lists (genius!). All yours for just £2.50 per month.

The Nowt Poncy Food Company Ltd who make gluten-free sauces and may well find themselves sampling at an Allergy Show near you...

Green's Gluten Free Beers who have relaunched their website - JUST FOR YOU - to encourage your journey of rediscovery...

Next year there will be 4 Allergy & FreeFrom Shows:
Glasgow - 11-12 March, SECC
Berlin - 17-18 June, Station
London - 7-9 July, Olympia
Liverpool - 4-5 November, Exhibition Centre