The Allergy & FreeFrom Show North, Liverpool 2017
November 4 & 5

Allergy Show North, Liverpool

It rained, it hailed, the wind blew hard and the moon shone full whilst fireworks burst into the Liverpool night sky over the Mersey, and freefromer visitors from far and wide carried their allergen-free booty home after a fantastic weekend at the Allergy & FreeFrom Show North 2017.

Sponsors Dr Schar had round-the-block queues for their gluten-free sandwiches filled with Heck (also exhibiting) sausages or veggie green bites. Middleton Foods sold out of their fish in gluten-free batter and chip meals, and Too Good To Be were offering their gluten-free pies, tarts and quiches just opposite the busy mobile massage stand.

Doves Farm took centre stage once again, and hosted a morning Yoga session to gee us all up and emphasise the importance of physical movement, stretching and balance.  Their own and guest chefs showed packed audiences how to make freefrom foods for Christmas, as well as cupcakes from The Zebra Kitchen, savoury pies from Lizzie Loves Healthy, sweet muffins from Willow Cottage Kitchen, savoury muffins from Masterchef 2016 champion Jane Devonshire, and fruity madeleines from GBBO's Howard Middleton. On Sunday the freefromers were treated to The Intolerant Gourmand's biscuits and courgette fritters, Halima Ferreira-Ramos's South African dessert, and Christine Bailey's Northern bakes and healthy festive treats.

In the afternoons after the cookery demos had finished and the wonderful face painter Tanya had packed away her paints, a band played gentle songs to lull the tired and happy visitors for their journeys home.

Here are some new companies we found:


Brass Castle

Brass Castle Brewery make three gluten-free, vegan beers: a vanilla porter ‘Bad Kitty’, Sunshine IPA and Helles lager.


Flapjacked make the gluten-free microwaveable muffin in a pot, supplemented with whey protein and probiotics, in flavours such as maple pumpkin, chocolate and more!

Happy Snack Co

The Happy Snack Company from Australia are yet to launch in the UK but their high protein, free-from snacks are made with chickpeas and fava (broad) beans and flavoured with familiar favourites such as salt and vinegar, red pepper & chilli, pizza flavours, and sea salt. Made for children’s lunch packs across the globe!

Zebra Kitchen

The Zebra Kitchen make a genius cake in a jar, like this glorious rainbow cake, egg, dairy, soya-free, and vegan, as well as a sugar-free brownie kit.

Nutcrafter Creamery

Riverbank Bakery make either dairy and egg-free cakes, or gluten-free cakes in a wide variety of flavours like this pineapple and banana cake, or the dairy-free cherry & honey cake.

And new products from freefrom friends:

Tesco’s FreeFrom Christmas range is now in store including gingerbread star baking kits, and their new snack pots include gluten, egg, wheat and dairy-free rocky road mini bites. Particularly exciting are these gluten, wheat and dairy-free chocolate eclairs in store now!

The Gluten Free Kitchen

The Gluten Free Kitchen are using their freefrom experience to bring us gluten, wheat and dairy-free mince pies for Christmas, and will be relaunching their gluten, wheat, egg and dairy-free shortcrust pastry early 2018.  This is a picture of (some of) their freefrom coffee & walnut cake...

Cocoa Libre

Cocoa Libre’s new charming gluten, wheat, dairy, peanut & nut-free reindeer and santa chocolates. They also make minty penguins!

 Free From Italy

Free From Italy have increased their range to include gluten-free and vegan lasagne kits, pizza bases. They also stock vegan croissants and the very popular Cheeky Monkey peanut puffs.

Kabuto Noodles

 Kabuto Noodles now have four flavours in their range of gluten-free noodles – the new varieties include Thai Green Chicken Curry and Vegetable Tom Yum.

Koko Dairy Free

Koko Dairy Free have launched a new unsweetened dairy-free coconut milk to complement the Original coconut alternative to dairy drink.


Nakd have a limited edition lemon drizzle bar and a new cacao coconut bar to add to their gluten, wheat & dairy-free range…


Nutri-Brex have launched new gluten-free, vegan-friendly energy balls hot on the heels of their 5 ways granola.


Punjaban have launched dairy free vegan naan breads, and also gluten, dairy & nut-free curry ready meals such as this tamarind chicken curry.

Daura Damm

S.A. Damm have launched their award-winning gluten-free Daura beer in a can! There is less than 3ppm of gluten in their Daura Damm and Daura Marzen beers.

Pizza Express

The lovely Pizza Express were showcasing their recent gluten-free pasta dishes, as well as the gluten-free Peroni beer that has recently launched and is available at Pizza Express.


Crabbie’s are launching their new 4.7% ABV gluten-free IPA on 20th November into Tesco. I failed to take a picture of it - so here are the gluten-free alcoholic ginger beer and raspberry & ginger beer that Crabbie's already make...


So - now you can come along and experience the Allergy & FreeFrom Shows here:

Liverpool - 3-4 November, Exhibition Centre (2018)
Glasgow - 3-4 March, SECC (2018)
Berlin - 17-18 June, STATION (2018)
London - 6-8 July, Olympia (2018)