The Allergy & FreeFrom Show at Olympia, London, July 3-5th


Alex Gazzola and Catherine Rose manning the stand

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For things freefrom but non-food, we'll be reporting further. Stay tuned....

Meanwhile, here is a run down of some of the many, many companies, new and long-standing, with their freefrom products. It is beginning to feel like you really can get anything freefrom these days - and for everything else, there is a freefrom mix or a handy recipe!

Let’s start with the booze…

Mongozo have just launched a gluten free wit beer (organic & fairtrade too), similar to Hoegaarden in taste, possibly the first and only gluten free wit beer on the market. This is perfect for the hot summer, and is available from Cave Direct and from Beer Merchants.

Daura Damm have launched a gluten free double malted dark beer, not for the faint hearted at 7.2%, with a rich, warm flavour – but it isn’t out in the shops yet!!

Fentimans, who make interesting botanically brewed beverages like dandelion & burdock, have launched a gluten free alcoholic ginger beer to complemenet their gluten free range which includes non-alcoholic ginger beer, rose lemonade, curiosity cola, wild English elderflower, mandarin & Seville orange jigger, Victorian lemonade and cherrytree cola. Available online, and from various stockists.

Raw foods… there were lots of raw, vegan, vegetarian foods, thanks to the Love Natural, Love Organic & Just V Shows…

Deliciously Rawmakers of a very tasty raw, gluten & dairy free ‘Oreo’ cookie, have just launched Mayhawk, a range of dairy free raw chocolate in cardamom, chilli & lime, coconut milk, Indonesian R71 (single origin plain), orange and candied orange pieces, and peppermint & cacao nibs. Available online costing £5.95 for a 70g bar. (guilt free organic eating) make raw, gluten, grain, dairy, lactose, soya, emulsifier & sulphate free hand-crafted truffles in fruity or nutty varieties: rum, raspberry, sour cherry & kirsch, coconut and other flavours available online costing £9.95 for 12, they also do chocolate bars (we loved the mango chocolate), eggs, wedding favours and gift box selections.

Cru8 make raw, vegan, paleo, gluten & dairy free macaroons, g’raw’nola, crackers, crisps & cookies. Available online, prices vary.

Kamalive make raw, dairy, gluten & refined sugar free chocolate, enriched with superfoods (such as lucuma), date nectar, fruits, nuts & seeds. Available online, prices vary. 

The Raw Greek – we fell in love with their raw vegan unsalted olives – you can taste the actual olive! They are simply air dried – that is all. Delicious. Available online.

Tiana have launched a new raw, organic crystallised coconut blossom nectar,  for use in cooking and generally as a refined sugar replacement. Available online and from various health food shops costing approximately £6.99 for 250g.

Big Tree Farms also produce a coconut palm sugar, blonde, as well as nectar in a bottle. The sugar comes in 5g sachets, 142g shaker, and a 500g box (£5.99). Available online from Atreea.

Heart in Health make brown (unrefined) coconut oil – available online a 200ml jar costs £10.00.

New company Pack’d make frozen smoothie kits… Each pack (containing enough for two smoothies) has fruit and sachets of superfoods, and they come in three varieties: detox, energy and defence. Almost available online!

Roberts Berrie make dairy free pure fruit smoothies that come in little pots in lingonberry-cranberry, sea buckthorn-apricot, and wild blueberry flavours. Available online in packs of 10 for £24.90. 

Science Kitchen makes super foods for super kids, and their range has grown to include superfood powders that can be added to meals, raw dried fruit snacks and seed toasts, chocolates, hampers and gift boxes. Available online.


There are lots of bars/snack packs on the market – great news for those on restricted diets who need to carry their foods about with them in case they cannot find anything decent to eat, most of them are extremely nutritious!

Made Good make wheat, dairy, peanut, nut free granola bars and granola minis in five flavours: apple cinnamon, banana chocolate, mixed berry, chocolate chip and strawberry. They are school safe since they are also nut free, making them perfect for lunch boxes, and each bar contains one serving of vegetables! Available online from Planet Organic and Free From Market.

Moral Fibre Food make gluten, dairy & added sugar free handmade snacks, using tasty fruits like figs, raspberries, bananas, dates as well as chocolate, almonds, seeds and berries. A pack of four costs £1.75, and a pot of 8 costs £2.95, available online.

Naturally Sassy Foods make superfood, raw, vegan, gluten, dairy & added sugar free snacks: blondies, brownies, flapjacks, red velvets – all made with cashews, dates, pecans, coconut, lucuma, beetroot, pomegranate and other super ingredients. Available in 45g bars, a box of 12 costs £23.88, and you can also get a monthly subscription box.

Sport Fuel Bars make gluten and salt free vegan energy bars with fruit and nuts in date & walnut, fig & almond and orange varieties. Available online, a box of 20 costs £20

Dynabites make gluten and dairy free, refined sugar free snacks bars: berry burst, green TNT and cocoboom, the bars are made with four main ingredients, almond, coconut, honey & protein powder (pea & brown rice).

Wyldsson make gluten and dairy free muesli, trail mixes, nut butters and yoghurt toppings:  and a little dispensing tube to keep your snack mixes in and make sure you get the right amount each time! Made from organic whole foods, these products are endorsed by athletes, so good for sports enthusiasts.

Chocolates and sweet treats!!

Retro Corn make gluten free, vegan popcorn sprinkled over with crushed up old-fashioned sweets like rhubarbs and custards, strawberries & cream, cola cubes, but also dandelion & burdock too! Available online, bags cost approximately £1, and Retro Corn can fit your wedding favours and corporate events…

We mentioned these only recently but Lakritsfabriken liquorice must be eaten to be believed – for enthusiasts it’s a must, this gluten free liquorice in sweet, salt, extra salt, chocolate-coated and other varieties.  Available from Totally Swedish and All Things Liquorice.

Hokeycoco make nut free chocolates – fantastic for those who can eat everything EXCEPT nuts – these tasty looking treats, including salted caramel hearts, white chocolate, milk and dark chocolate bars, and just ‘chocolate for snacking’ – as if any of us would EVER do that! Available online.

Candy Kittens make gluten free confectionery in adult & kid friendly flavours – sour watermelon! Peaches and Cream, Sour Grape, and Fresh raspberry to name a few – these gummy sweets are made with natural flavours and colour. Available online from Ocado, as well as Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Topshop, and other shops – costing approximately £3.00 for a 150g bag, and they also do new treat packs costing £1.80 for 115g

Cocoafeliz make handmade, organic vegan chocolates. The range is so large I cannot begin to cover them here, but there are many different chocolates – have a look!

The Giving Tree make fruit crisps with apples, peaches, mango & strawberries, but they also make broccoli crisps too! Available online.

Cocoa Libre are offering their dairy free chocolate animals (VERY sweet!) in new smaller packs of four, and they also offer a three pack of 40g chocolate bars in dark chocolate with raspberries, rice milk chocolate with honeycomb pieces and dark orange with crystallised ginger for £5.45.

And on the  sweet theme… Puddings?

Marnie Searchwell were offering a handy little taster-packs of cakes - in either gluten free, or gluten and dairy free, or gluten, dairy & egg free - I can only say how sorry I am to any of you who didn't get one. Or two. Marnie's cakes are high-end and available online.

Caterers Manna Dew make exquisite-looking gluten free sweet products, they are artisan patissiers. Available for all occasions, see their collections online.

Livia’s Kitchen make wheat, dairy & refined sugar free crumbles in the most mouthwatering flavours – rhubarb, vanilla & acai, banana, coconut & mango, and plum, mulberry & lucuma to mention a few – all are also vegan. Available online.

Sweet Rebellion are focused on low sugar – such a key issue at the moment when everything is so loaded with sweet – these ice creams are gluten free, one is lactose free and one is completely dairy free. Available currently at various health food shops nationwide.

Nana Nice Cream make a banana-based dairy free ice cream in banana & vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavours. Available online in 120ml handy pots or 500ml family tubs.

Tesco have just launched a full size and a mini gluten & wheat free Madeira cake, a pack of 4 gluten free tiger bread rolls, a luscious, luxury wheat & gluten free chocolate cake, and a pack of 4 strawberry and vanilla cones which are just like a ‘cornetto’ type ice ‘cream’ but gluten, wheat & dairy free! A winner for hot summer days... Available instore now for £2.00 – beware, the cones do contain lupin & soya.

Spreads, Sauces and more...

Savvy Spreads make sesame-based spreads that can be used on breads, pancakes, in porridge & sandwiches and in cakes. In date, chocolate and carob & honey varieties, these spreads are gluten free and vegan. Available online and from Yumbles.

Yau’s will be launching a peanut & gluten free satay sauce later this summer, which they were sampling at the show – we thought it was spot on, perfectly spiced and safe for nut allergics – perfect! They’re also developing their gluten free charcoal noodles which will apparently support your detox.

Swaadish make gluten & dairy free, vegan curry sauces, to which you just add raw ingredients and cook. Available online in such mouth-watering flavours as pomegranate and fenugreek, Kashmiri chilli & mustard, and coconut fennel, and from various stockists.

Punjaban were present with their curry kits, curry bases & accompaniments, pickles & chutneys all of which are ghee, dairy, msg, gluten, nut, soya, coconut and preservative free. All available online and from various stocksists nationwide

Delina specialize in gluten free Ethiopian cooking, and make a gluten free Berbere spice mix which is the base for all red meat (wet) stews. They also offer cookery classes in vegan, vegetarian and gluten free food.

Vegan, dairy-free 'cheeses'...

Bute Island Foods Ltd were sampling their four new melty Sheeses – mild cheddar, red cheddar, smoked cheddar and strong cheddar varieties… And very good they were too. All available from Holland & Barrett and Tesco.

Violife were sampling their new dairy free cream cheeses, with various herbs, but most exciting was their new Prosociano, a hard cheese variety with a parmesan flavour! Available from various stockists nationwide.

Sticking with the vegan theme, we met Halo Veg who make meat free sausages containing the allergens soya, milk and mustard, so suitable for vegetarian coeliacs…

Follow Your Heart make vegan mayonnaise, egg & gluten free, which is apparently delicious - but we're not yet sure where to buy it...

Yogi Ji’s products are all eggless: vanilla & chocolate sponge mix, pizza and scone mixes, eggless mayonnaise and even eggless omelette! Available online.

Baking… and Bakery Items.

Kent & Fraser, bakers of high renown, have just brought out new twin packs of some of their tastiest gluten & wheat free biscuits – vanilla butter crunch, lemon butter shortbread, spicy ginger cookies and choc chip cookies. Available online and from various independent shops, garden centres, cafes nationwide. Recently taken over by long-standing expert freefrom bakers Honeyrose, Kent and Fraser will also be launching new gluten twice-baked toasts later this year! Stay tuned…

Udi’s were offering afternoon teas, using their own gluten free cake mixes in sponge cake and chocolate flavours, and sandwiches with their gluten free white & brown fresh breads. These are available from Tesco and Asda.

B-Tempted make luxury gluten free goodies….Friands, brownies, mini-versions too, with pistachios, white chocolate, Belgian chocolate - you get the picture...

Nuttylicious have been baking wheat & gluten free since 1989: bread, tarts, cakes, biscuits, all available online.

Bakels Companies "develop, manufacture, distribute and technically support bakery ingredients for every market and product sector - craft, industrial, supermarket - bread, pastry, cake and confectionery - on all five continents." We can't argue with that! But what they don't mention is that they do gluten free too.... Email for more information.

Bolitas make gluten, wheat & yeast free cheese balls, using cassava flour, which are perfect for after school snacking, or for picnics, parties and lunch boxes… Bolitas’ balls also come in chicken, sun-dried beef, guava and chocolate, and other varieties. Available frozen online or from one of their retailers.

Isabel’s Naturally Free From, whose gluten free pao de queijo (cheese balls) we fell in love with way back, now also make, from the same cassava flour base, pizza base mix, sponge cake mix, chocolate sponge mix, batter mix AND Yorkshire pudding mix!! And from September this year they’ll also be producing gluten & dairy free gravy granules.

The Pastry Room make gluten, wheat & dairy blends of flours and fats, supplied frozen as superfine mixes, to which you add liquid and bake… The mixes include pie & tart pastry, dessert pastry, cake mix, scone mix and cookie mix. Available online: 2kg packs cost £13.49, bulk bakers 10.5kg packs cost £35.99.

Bfree are launching their new gluten free quinoa & chia wraps in the UK, and have also brought out a gluten free pitta bread which has yet to find an outlet, but rest assured we will let you know as soon as they’re available in the UK.

Venice Bakery has added to their range with a 6-pack of very tasty (and bendy) chia seeded gluten, wheat, milk, egg & nut free wraps, as well as free from bread crumbs. The wraps are available online for £3.99.

Food For Life make a large range of gluten free goods, including sprouted grain breads, and tortillas, available online.

The Better Than Foods range is an organic gluten and wheat free alternative to pasta, noodles, and rice - made from Konnyaku. Currently available online and from selected health food stores a 385g pack costs approximately £3.75.