Holland & Barrett


Illustrating yet again that progress in ‘freefrom’ occurs because someone in the business is personally affected, Holland & Barrett have launched a dedicated Free From shopboth online and on the high street (in Chester). The discovery that her daughter is anaphylactic to dairy plunged Emma Cockerill, Director of Sales and Procurement, instantly into a whole new world of having to be very careful about what foods came into the house, and those well-known allergen labelling issues!

Consequently, Holland & Barrett has created a dedicated Free From section on its website, and launched over 3,000 freefom products available for home delivery nationwide. In addition Holland & Barrett More has opened in Chester: the country’s first ever Free From ‘concept’ store, which stocks more than 700 freefrom products. Read more about Holland & Barrett More – Ruth Holroyd of What Allergy? visited…

Online customers can search and filter by allergen (including filtering out ‘trace’ allergens) as well as food category. By July, purchasers will also be able to filter out any 'may contain' products, the first step in Holland & Barrett's plan to work closely with suppliers to improve 'may contain' labelling, which is currently one of the biggest frustrations of freefrom food buyers.

Holland & Barrett are furthering their commitment to the freefrom world by creating a dedicated Facebook page and Twitter channel, opinion pieces and stories from allergy & intolerance sufferers.