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Food Standards Agency guidance on Precautionary Allergen Labelling. June 2019

Why does freefrom food cost so much? Catherine Rose investigates. July 2016

Is food allergen analysis flawed? Fascinating research paper on how food allergens can be measured within the food chain and the failures of the current analytical processes. 2016

True Stories: Voakes FreeFrom – Winners of the the Best FreeFrom Food 2015 in the FreeFrom Food Awards. May 2016

Why I love January – and the FreeFrom Food Awards! Catherine Rose of Sweetcheeks and the Printworks Kitchen explains. January 2016

FreeFrom food – past, present and to come. A blog posst on where ‘freefrom’ food came from and where it could be going. Originally put together for a group of industry innovators at Food Matters Live in November 2015.

Food Allergen Guidelines for US Producers (Prevention and Control, and Declaration through Labelling) November 2015

Allergy awareness poor among chefs in the US. December 2015

The Incredible Bakery – 'It had to be the best for him!' When Valeria Mizuno-Turner’s son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, she didn’t realise it would eventually lead her to start an award-winning bakery. A carefully created sponsored post, in association with The Incredible Bakery Company
December 2015

The cost of gluten-free bread. Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, founder of Genius Gluten Free, explains why gluten-free bread genuinely does cost a lot more to make than 'normal' supermarket bread. Juen 2015

FreeFrom Consultancy. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson explains why it has taken so long to launch a consultancy and what it can offer. January 2015

New food labeling rules outside allergens – article in Food Safety News covering the full range of labelling changes. December 2014

Food allergen labelling... All change in December. Alex Gazzola looks in detail at the new food allergen labeling regulations coming into force on December 13th 2014.

Consumer attitudes to precautionary labelling. Lynne Regent, CEO of the Anaphylaxis Campaign. November 2014.

The demand for stevia grows and grows. Can it upend the sugar market and how healthy is it really? Reuters – October 2013.

Preparing for the worst: How an understanding of food allergy can help you manage a crisis.
An Anaphylaxis Campaign conference – October 2014

Freefrom and the multinationals – blog post. September 2014

YouGov freefrom survey – blog post. September 2014

The benefits of dedicated manufacture in the light of the Alpro 'scandale' – blog post. August 2014

Revival of ancient grains – in pursuit of long term sustainability, but also gluten free. Article in National Geographic magazine. July 2014.

Article in Food Manufacture on new FSA guidance on managing allergens and the likelihood of more food recalls. March 2014

Interesting article in the New York Times about the development of the gluten-free market in the USA. February 2014

Alpro in the dock over use of defensive labeling. January 2014

Soluble potato fibre could help extend shelf life for gluten-free products as well as adding fibre. October 2013

Response of allergen labelling regulations from Sue Hattersley head of the Food Standards Agency allergy section. September 2013

Problems with the new allergen labeling regulations. Frances Dale investigates. September 2013

Looming regulation creates concerns for the food service industry. August 2013

Specially bred canary seeds are safe for coeliac consumption. June 2013

DNA screening could enable highly sensitive quantifiable analysis of animal, plant, and microbial substances present in foodstuffs. March 2013

FoodDrinkEurope launches guidance on Food Allergen Management for food manufacturers. The guidance of its kind sets out general principles for the management of specific pre-prepacked foods causing allergy/intolerances and provides information on good practice in risk management of allergenic foods for producers. February 2013

Interesting blog on how different gluten-free brands approach their marketing. January 2013

'FreeFrom' associated with 'natural', ' fresh', 'additive free' and higher quality – according to a survey by the European Food Information Council (EUFIC), a non-profit, Brussels-based organisation. November 2012

Suggestions for running an allergy-friendly restaurant from the Inaugural Food Allergy conference for Restaurateurs in Boston. October 2012.

Problems with allergen labelling – Regulations governing allergen/ingredient labelling on retail or pre-packed foods have been in place for some years but implementation is still far from perfect. New regulations are to be introduced for food sold loose or through the food service sector in 2014, but are unlikely to provide that much more security for the food allergic consumer. November 2012

At the FDIN FreeFrom Seminar in September (2012) Sonia Miguel from RSSL gave a brief run down on what you need to do to make sure you can manufacture successfully allergen free. October 2012

Allergen labelling applied inconsistently and incorrectly across Irish 'freefrom' market – report in the Irish Independent. September 2010

Mintel projects a rosy future for FreeFrom. September 2012

The Coeliac View. Sue Cane, a coeliac of five years' standing, gives freefrom manufacturers an overview of what living as a coeliac is like. September 2012

The manufacturing difficulties of producing gluten-free bread – from Bakery Performance. September 2012

Useful update on the freefrom market from Simon Wright at OF+Consulting. July 2012

New EU regulations on the labelling of allergens in wines. July 2012

Pasta made from green banana flour a tasty alternative for gluten-free diets. June 2012

Hazelnuts – a new ingredient for formula milk for pre-term babies. Hazelnuts could provide the fatty acids normally available through breast milk, but which have not yet appeared in the breast-milk of mothers of pre-term infants – but could this be an issue in families with a history of nut allergy? May 2012

The Allergy+FreeFrom Show 2012 by Cressida Langlands. May 2012

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has an excellent directory of food additives with explanations of what they are and a safety rating. April 2012

Alex Gazzola investigates the additives/ingredients used in freefrom food and whether we should be concerned about them. April 2012

US FDA finally sets out to tackle food labelling, including much delayed thresholds (first proposed in 2007) for gluten-free food. March 2012

Xanthan gum – could it be a problem for food allergics and coeliacs? May 2012

Could there be potential for potato protein in the baking of gluten-free bread? March 2012

Leatherhead Food Research report - Food Allergies and Intolerances: Consumer Perceptions and Market Opportunities for 'Free From' Foods. Further comment in Food Manufacture magazine. February 2012

Long article in the NYTimes about the rise in both coeliac disease and the availabilty of mainstream gluten-free food. November 2011

Very long but fascinting article in Chemical & Engineering News about the ingredients/additives used to replicate texture in low fat, low sugar and freefrom foods. October 2011

Interesting piece in the LA Times about how fast food restaurants are become allergy conscious. October 2011

Food and Drink Innovation Network FreeFrom seminar. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson's overview from the chair. September 2011

FreeFrom catering and food service – a growing market. An interesting article in highlighting the growing opportunities for restaurants offering a gluten-free or freefrom menu. August 2011

Congratulations to the Cake Crusader who has just won a Small Business Sunday award on Twitter!
July 2011

Consumer misconceptions about allergen labelling. June 2011

New FSA guidelines on gluten free for caterers. May 2012

FreeFrom foods, allergy and intolerance – trend briefing from Mintel. Alex Gazzola made some brief notes. March 2011

FreeFrom escapes from the ghetto – Simon Wright of Organic and Fair Plus. February 2011

FreeFrom Foods 2011 – an overview. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson. February 2011

Results of Grasp Business Development's survey of customer awareness of gluten-free brands. January 2011

From Cheesey Wotsits to coconut macaroons… The Mrs Crimble’s story… June 2010

Japanese research institute develops gluten-free method for baking rice flour bread. June 2010

Researchers at Teagasc Food Research in Ireland are using buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth to replace wheat in gluten-free breads. May 2010

Finnish group aims to improve flavour of gluten-free bread by adding de-glutenised rye flour. April 2010

Turning oats into successful bread flour - as part of the EU HEALTHGRAIN project, researchers at the University of Cork in Ireland and the Technical Research Centre in Finland have been investigating how oats could be developed into viable bread flour. April 2010

Interesting article in the Daily Telegraph about Nutrition Point and the growth of the freefrom industry. May 2010

The FreeFromFood Awards 2010 – the party... Alex Gazzola's whimsical report from this year's FreeFrom Food Awards presentations and party. April 2010

The sodium dilemma – and a possible solution. In the 1990s, using the Government's own figures, David Thomas compared the nutritional content of common British foods in 1940 with that of a similar foods in 1991. He was so shocked by what he found that he started to search for a way to replace the minerals with which our food was no longer providing us. His search took him to the Great Salt Lakes of Utah. Now, ten years later, his concern is with salt consumption... April 2010

Global surge in gluten-free food – report from the Innova Database. March 2010

Development of coeliac-friendly wheat. March 2010

Caterers being held to account in allergic reaction cases. February 2010

Allergen control standards for the food industry. February 2010

Managing allergy in the food chain. Frances Dale reports on an industry conference. February 2010

A review of Sainsbury's role in the development of freefrom and an assessment of their current re-launch.
January 2010

Symptoms of additive/flavouring intolerance - from the Association of German Dermatologists. 2010

How about a toffee-fired rocket or a chocolate-powered racing car?... October 2009

Seed Stacked and the VAT man - how daft can the law get?... October 2009

Management of Food Allergens, edited by Jaqueline Coutts and Richard Fielder, published by Wiley. 2009

Sweet Sensations: Enter the chocolatey world of Liz Bygrave and discover some interesting desserts and ingredients that can be consumed by people with diabetes and candida, without fear OR guilt! By Cressida Boyd. 2008

Faking the flavour: investigating the myriad flavourings used in modern food, and what we really know about them all. By Ian Tokelove. 2008

‘Free-from’ – what does it really mean? Sarah Merson examines what we assume about foods labelled ‘free-from’ and how careful we really need to be. 2008

Doves Farm: Michelle Berriedale-Johnson introduces the UK’s most successful miller of specialist and gluten-free flours. 2007

Cooking with Coconut Flour: Introducing coconut flour as an alternative to wheat flour. By Anne Johns. 2007

Dairy-free ‘ice-cream’ tasting: A run down on ice creams available to dairy intolerants and allergics, by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson. 2007

Glu-2-Go gluten-free batter: Frances Dale charts the origin and successes of Britain’s first gluten-free fish and chip shop, the brainchild of Susan Ord who is allergic to fish! 2006

Allergy labelling and farewell to the 25% rule: a report on the new EU food labelling regulations, and the difference they will make to allergy sufferers. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson. 2005

HACCP and allergy: Frances Dale introduces HACCP and how the safety management system can be used to control allergens. 2005

Bell’s of Lazonby: how this prestigious free-from bakery came into being. By Michelle Berriedale-Johnson. 2004.

Honeybuns – keeping the gluten out of cookies: describing the protocols that can be set up in free-from manufacturing to minimise the risk of contamination. By Emma Goss Custard. 2004

FreeFrom Food - research

Except when fermentation or hydrolysis are used, food processing does not alter the allergenic properties of food proteins so as to reduce their allergenic potential. June 2015

University of Huddersfield uses mass spectrometryy analysis to identify the molecular compostion of foods enabling them to identify original ingredients – such as whether gelatine was made from beef or pork or whether an ingredient has been derived from an allergen. March 2015

EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority) sits on the fence as regards setting thresholds levels for allergy ingestion by allergic people across Europe. November 2014

US researchers have developed a patented process that reduces peanut allergens by up to 98 percent. June 2014

Italian researchers develop way to modify wheat gluten to interrupt the chemical reaction that is damaging to people with coeliac disease. June 2014

Wrapping bread in edible films infused with essential oils could keep the breads fresher and avoid leaching which occurs with plastic wraps. May 2014

Proteins in a formulation can drastically impact the quality and texture of gluten-free baked goods. October 2013

Prebiotics and sugar replacers improve nutritional profile and textrue of gluten-free breads. September 2013

New study provides molecular evidence that sorghum is not only safe for those with coeliac disease to consume but has high nutritional value. April 2013

Study of breads made with four different legumes suggests that chickpea flour has the best potential for gluten-free bread making. August 2012

Lupin super cereals –July 2012

Green banana gluten-free pasta–June 2012

In depth study of peanut allergic consumers' response to 'may contain' labelling
September 2011

Seaweeds could be used as anti-microbials and anti-oxidants in food manufacture.
July 2011

Consumers pay more attention to allergy boxes than to ingredients lists
Febuary 2011

December 2010

Cassava starch improves gluten-free bread
October 2010

Coeliac sufferers may benefit from buckwheat enhanced gluten-free bread
September 2010

Chestnut flour could add texture and nutritional value to gluten-free bread. 
August 2010

Australians may follow European lead in banning food dyes that are still legal in the USA; several are linked with of childhood cancer, hyperactivity and allergies –July 2010

Modified starch from beans may improve the quality of fresh gluten-free bread
July 2010

Seagreens trialled as a substitute for salt in bread
July 2010

Quinoa and buckwheat provide better nutrition than wheat
Febuary 2010

Baking techniques for gluten-free and sourdough baking

New cassava flour may be an ideal wheat replacement for gluten-free commercial baking
January 2010

Salt levels in free-from food products
October 2009

Fancy French gluten-free bread for coeliacs?
(April 2009

Food allergy labelling not always accurate
April 2009

Green & Blacks not malign - but confused - and confusing
March 2009

More recipe changes
(March 2009

Green and Blacks 70% and mint bars no longer milk free
Febuary 2009

Food Standards Agency – active on allergy
(December 2009

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