Dairy-free ice cream tasting -

Comments from the Foods Matter tasting panel.

We had some pretty high powered extra tasters for this year’s ice cream tasting - five-year-old Jack and eighteen-month-old Eliza - and they took their job very seriously...

Although there were relatively few products in the tasting the ones there were included reformulations, new lines - and a whole new concept in dairy-free ‘ice cream’.

We did not get to taste one new line - the Swedish Glacé lollies due in the shops (Sainsbury, Tesco & Waitrose) in May. These are their normal vanilla ice cream, coated with chocolate, on a stick - £2.49 for a box of six.
The other Swedish Glacé flavours are well known to all dairy-free ice-cream eaters and have changed neither in taste nor in packaging - although this year the chocolate, previously a favourite, had to give way to both the Tofutti and the new Booja Booja.

The Tofutti ices have been reformulated this year and although they remain more sorbet-ish in texture than the others their flavour is more intense. The Mango and Passion fruit in particular caused controversy with some people loving the very flowery scented flavour and others hating it.

However, it was the Booja Booja which really created a stir. Anyone who has eaten their truffles would expect their ice cream (which will be called Stuff in a Tub and will appear in the shops in May) to taste good. But what really caused mouths to drop open was the ingredient list - cashew nuts, agave syrup and the appropriate flavouring...

If you like dark chocolate ice cream, the chocolate is to die for. Because we only had production samples we did not get to try the
vanilla and the coconut, but the ginger was just as good as the chocolate. The only flavour we did not think worked was the maple and pecan - only because it was so sweet that not only did it taste too sweet, but it did not freeze properly. It would be great as a sauce. Inevitably, Stuff in a Tub is not cheap - but it is worth it.

The other really nice surprise was the Barkat waffle cones... Crisp, flavoursome, delicious!

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First Published in 2007