Baking techniques for gluten-free and sourdough baking

Two interesting pieces on the web would be good to consult if you are setting out to bake either gluten or yeast free.

The first is a fact sheet put together by Colorado State University about gluten-free baking. It includes a very useful table of alternative grains with details of their baking chartacteristics, instructions for high altitude baking (relevant in Colorado...) adn a whole series of useful tips and suggestions for gluten-free baking. The fact sheet can be downloaded and printed for easier reference.

Gluten-Free Baking by F. Watson, M. Stone and M. Bunning

The second is a research report from the Journal of Agricutltural and Food Chemistry on how 'egg white foam may boost gluten-free sourdoughs, enhance the structure of the resulting baked goods and extend the range of gluten-free products.'

Egg foam may enhance gluten-free sourdoughs by Stephen Daniells

More research reports on free from foods

First Published in 2010